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Getting ahead with the photos

Posted by Martin on April 26, 2012

These won’t be available until the start of May but here are sneak preview shots of two of the forthcoming Calpe French packs that’ll round out the route-march set. I think I mentioned these in my Salute report so it’s good to be able to follow up so quickly with the eye candy. Enjoy!

Pack F17 - the "cherry on the icing" pack as Peter F. has christened it!

Pack F17 - the "cherry on the icing" pack as Peter F. has christened it!

Pack F18 - the regimental command pack.

Pack F18 - the regimental command pack.

I think these will prove to be two very popular packs. Pack F17 includes a several lovely scuplts, especially the typically enthusiastic French pose of a shako being hoist high on the end of a musket! And I can see how many a command stand will be painted and based up using Pack F18. I even forsee some nix ‘n’ match between these two sets!


11 Responses to “Getting ahead with the photos”

  1. plancenoit said

    fantastic stuff yet again from Peter F, stunning

  2. Simon said

    What superb figures, simply stunning

  3. Burkhard said

    Both are looking awesome!

  4. Rob said

    Stunning. Off to order!


  5. vonpeterhimself said

    F17 is nice but F18, the Regimental Headquarters/command pack, is my favourite. Yet another prebuilt vignette from the sculpting tools of that Mr Peter F. fellow. Splendid

    von Peter himself

  6. Ralph said

    All quite delightful. Getting excited about the March Attack poses!

  7. Dave Jarvis said

    Superb ‘body language’ on the comman set; I paricularly like ‘quizzical look’ on the Fusilier as the officers ‘confer’ in the foreground.


  8. love them, !!

  9. Calpe at it’s best.

  10. Marco severino said

    simply superb! cannot resist ordering..

  11. Gareth said

    I purchased these packs a while ago, they are great additions to the set.

    Any news on other new releases, I understand that Peter is working on some French Light Infantry command?

    Any Guard infantry on the horizon?

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