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A hypothetical question

Posted by Martin on February 26, 2009

At the start of the year, I mentioned that one of the bright spots of 2008 had been gratifying increase in traffic and comment levels here at BfK. Well, that fact doesn’t seem to have gone unnoticed and I’ve had contact from a couple of figure manufacturers.

The nice thing for me is that I hope this will lead to them sending some review samples. The nice thing for them is that they’ll get some publicity if I choose to post a review here (assuming of course, that the figures are up to the mark). And I’ve been thinking about how I could share some of this “nice thing” with you – the people who actually take the time to visit and comment here. After all, if you didn’t, then this virtuous circle would never have got started.

So, what I’ve decided is that if (and it’s still an if) I get sent some review samples, I’m going to give them away in some sort of competition. I’ve got a clear idea of how I’d like the competition to work, except for one thing: how to divvy up the figures into prizes. So I thought I’d ask you which option you’d prefer by inviting you to vote in the poll below. I’m considering two possibilities:

  1. A single prize of the review sample figures unpainted.
  2. Several prizes consisting of one figure each painted, varnished and based by me.

Of course, the second option also depends on me finding the time to actually paint the figures!

Oh yeah, I’m not making any promises about how many “several” will be other than it’ll be more than one.

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Just trying out some new technology

Posted by Martin on September 15, 2008

Bear with me here, I’m just experimenting with a couple of new things: sticky posts and voting polls.

The idea behind sticky posts (or “stickies”) is that they are posts that stay at the top of the pile even if there are other posts that are newer than them. My blogging provider, WordPress, has just added this feature and I think it might be really useful when I’ve got something I want to keep on the home page for a while.

I’ve also discovered that there are a number of free online voting poll tools. The one I’m experimenting with is called PollDaddy. There’s a free version that lets you design voting poll questions and specify the available set of answers. It offers quite a few technical options that I’m not going to bore you with here. But one particularly useful feature is that it integrates well with WordPress and another is that you can customize the styling – either via the PollDaddy admin interface or by uploading your own custom CSS.

So what do you reckon? Would it be fun to have some polls on BFK occassionally?

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