Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures


Starting small on this and it’ll hopefully grow…

Prussia: Westphalian Landwehr Infantry Casualties

Three figures from one of my occasional rare pieces of commission work:
Westphalian Landwehr Infantry Casualty #1Westphalian Landwehr Infantry Casualty #2Westphalian Landwehr Infantry Casualty #3

Prussia: 2nd Kurmark Landwehr Infantry Regiment – 2nd Battalion

Individual figures prior to basing:
Second landwehr figure First landwehr figure

15 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Rafa Pardo said

    A great painting job….

  2. banstead Postie said

    Keep ’em coming Martin,they look great!

    Banstead Postie

  3. Richard Jackson said

    Is there any way of expanding the images within the gallery?
    I love to see close ups of the way in which you achieve the fantastic finish-it keeps me experimenting to try to emulate it

  4. Giles said

    Looking good, Martin – very eager to see the completed battalion!


  5. Great idea Martin.

    What I’m looking forward to seeing in the Gallery is a Lieb Hussar or two! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  6. Glen said

    Great work Martin,

    Am looking forward to seeing the whole battalion in battle order. Colours 2008?


  7. Dinium1945 said

    Hi Martin,

    The gallery is a great idea, and am looking forward to seeing it grow. I have a query that I hope you can help me with. As you know i’m painting my Westphalian landwehr at the moment. Am a bit stuck on the drummers er ‘drum’ colours. Would it be the same as the line, with red hoops or provinicial coloured hoops or teeth?


  8. Martin said

    @Dinium: I checked my sources and asked a couple of experts about drum hoops for you. The regulations were for ones with red and white teeth though there were examples that didn’t follow this.

    @Everybody else: thanks for the encouraging words. That’ll help me to keep going!

  9. Dinium1945 said

    Thank you very much for helping me out Martin. I’ve seen some reenactor pics with a variety of different schemes but red/white teeth it shall be. I can crack on with me drummer now (albeit slowly!).

    Keep up the great paintwork on those Kurmark boys.



  10. Glad to see you have introduced a gallery. Now we need some “in your face” close ups please! You always paint your figures in a bright and eyecatching style.

    I really must paint some Prussians one day.



  11. Simon Walsh said

    Inspirational. Please can you post the Jager photos that you had on this site earlier in this Gallery, as I cant seem to find them with the Search feature, just getting mine ready to paint during the hols,(Silesian Jager co’s for Waterloo) Thanks

  12. Martin said

    @Simon: I’ll see if I can dig old those jager photos for you. I’ve also got a couple of shots of some painted by David Imrie that you might find interesting or inspiring.

  13. excellent paint job Martin.cant wait too see some
    painted Saxons


  14. Nice figures. I just found your site! Thanks,

  15. Thomas said

    Very nice painting Martin. I’ve just acquire a lot of Calpe figures and was looking for uniformology on the net and found this site. My intention is to paint up Von Bulow’s Corp. for Waterloo.

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