Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Limited Edition Figures


This page is designed to provided details of the BfK 2012 Limited Edition Figures project. It covers the genesis, history and progress of the project; the figures themselves and how you can order them from me. Oh yes, it also covers the prize draw and painting guide! Please note that this project is limited both in terms of the number of packs that will be made available and the time for which they will be available – see the Pricing and Ordering section below for details. Also note that, some time after the closing date, this pack will eventually go on general release as part of the Calpe Miniatures range.

Bear in mind that this is a private personal project and not a commercial venture, so please adjust your expectations accordingly. Many of you reading this will know Peter and I anyway, so you’ll already have a clear idea of our level of integrity.


The genesis of this project stems from the fact that this version of my blog is five years old this year and I wanted to do something with, and for, my community of regular readers and commenters to celebrate that milestone and thank them for their continued encouragement and support.

So, working with Peter Fitzgerald of Calpe Miniatures, I formed the idea of creating a special edition pack of figures that I would make available for purchase in limited numbers for a limited time. I first announced the project in August 2012 and have been consulting with the BfK readership through a series of postings here ever since then to develop the project. That series of postings will continue throughout the lifetime of the project so you can follow them yourself to catch up on the history of the project and keep up with the latest developments.

The Figures

The pack will comprise a set of four metal 28mm Napoleonic wargaming figures and a camp fire scenic piece sculpted by Peter Fitzgerald of Calpe Miniatures. I have been through a lengthy process of consulting with the BfK readership, obtaining their feedback and suggestions and mixing them with my own ideas. The final decision is that the theme of the set is “Resting Behind the Guns” and will comprise the following figure poses for the French army of 1813:

  • Figure 1: a bare-headed solider of the artillery train taking a drink and holding his shako in his other hand.
  • Figure 2: a second soldier of the artillery train, this time wearing a covered shako, smoking a pipe and carrying an item of equipment – probably something like a horsewhip, a coil of rope or a trailspike.
  • Figure 3: a foot artillery drummer wearing the Bardin Imperial livery and standing with a foot resting on behind his drum on the ground in front of him. He may be doing something interesting like pointing into the distance with his drumsticks.
  • Figure 4: a “Marie-Louise” infantryman wearing a greatcoat and pokalem. This casually posed figure will be based on a fusilier shown in Knotel Band XII, Plate 24.
  • NEW ADDITION: A camp fire with a “marmite” on the boil over it.
Greens of the BfK Limited Edition Figures: front view.

Greens of the BfK Limited Edition Figures: front view.

Greens for the BfK Limited Edition Figures: rear view.

Greens for the BfK Limited Edition Figures: rear view.

Planned Project Timetable

This is the provisional timetable for the project:

  1. August 2012: initial idea announced – DONE.
  2. August- October 2012: consultation and development of figure ideas for the pack – DONE.
  3. October 2012 – announcement of finalised pack concept and opening of invitation to order – DONE.
  4. October – November 2012: Sculpting of figures and announcement of closing date for orders that qualify for the prize draw – DONE.
  5. November – December 2012: photographs of “greens” – DONE, collection of payments – ONGOING.
  6. December 2012: casting of figures – DONE, dispatch of orders – ONGOING.
  7. January 2013: Announcement of prize draw winners – DONE.
  8. Early 2013: creation of painting guide, painting and dispatch of prize draw figures.

Pricing and Ordering

The price per pack is £4.50 £5.50 (increased when the camp fire was added to the pack) plus postage and packing. The cost of postage and packing is variable, depending on where you want the figures sent. To place an order, please e-mail me (if you already have my details) or use the “Contact Me” form at the top of the right hand column of this page. Please include details of how many packs you’d like to order, and your delivery address.

When the figures are ready for dispatch, I will contact you with details of the final cost including postage and packing and details of how to pay via PayPal. Figures will not be dispatched until payment has been received.

I have now decided on the “limited” aspects of this project as follows: only orders received by 30 November 2012 will be eligible for entry in to the prize draw (see The Prize Draw section below); I will continue to accept orders after that date though bear in mind that I will eventually choose to stop accepting orders completely. When that time comes, I will update this page accordingly.

The Prize Draw

Every person who submits an order by 30 November 2012 that is successfully completed will be entered into a prize draw. Please note that there is only one entry into the draw per person regardless of how many packs you order or how many orders you make.

In early December 2012 January 2013, I will draw four winners at random at they will each receive one figure from the pack painted in acrylics, varnished and based by me. The bases will be circular laser-cut plywood and will be signed on the underside by me (and possibly also by Peter Fitzgerald). Please note that delivery of the prizes will be some unspecified time after the closing date because I’ll need to set aside time to actually paint them!

The figure each winner will receive will be chosen at random by me but I don’t mind if winners wish to express a preference for which one they receive – there’s just no guarantee that your preference will be fulfilled.

Painting Guide

Finally, I will also produce a painting guide to accompany this limited edition figure pack. I will make this available as a free download here (probably in PDF format).

52 Responses to “Limited Edition Figures”

  1. eilroy1815 said

    Hi Martin put me down for another 2 packs pllease

  2. Andy said

    I’m in – truly inspired figure choice! I can see dozens of little vignettes coming….

  3. Hi Martin

    Please put me down for 2 packs

  4. Kawe said

    Lovely project, I’d like to pre order a set.

  5. David McCray said

    I would like 2 packs

  6. John Michael said

    Yes, if I could have 1 pack please.


  7. Peter Blenkinsopp said

    Hi Martin

    So pleased you came up with this idea.

    Can you please put me down for three packs please, I can see lots of uses for these in my collection and as vignettes.

    I’ll email you my postal address.

    Many thanks,

  8. Dave said

    Well now, I think I should get to and email my order. I’m rather taken with the choice of poses, good work Mr Kelly.

  9. DadExtraordinaire aka Marcus Maximus said

    Hi Martin,

    I would like 2 of these wonderful figure packs please. I’ve emailed you through contact me at top right, so you should get my email address.

    Many thanks


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  11. Alex Mayer said

    hi martin,

    lovely project. i would preorder one pack!

  12. Nigel betts said

    Would be very interested in two packs

  13. Helen said

    I certainly would be interested in two packs.



  14. Miguel Lopez said

    Im interested in 2 packs

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards

  15. John Snead said

    I would like to order one pack, thank you!

    John Snead

  16. Giles Allison said

    Hi Martin – these look fantastic. I don’t think I registered my interest before, but I’d certainly like to buy a pack please. Giles (

  17. Request for a set sent.

  18. They are fantastic sculpts Martin.
    Is it too late to participate in your contest?
    I would love to order several packs.

    • Martin said

      Thanks Brian – the sculpting excellence is all down to Peter F. I’m afraid it’s too late to be entered in the prize draw (the closing date for that was 30 November and I need to be fair to all the other people who ordered in time for that). The good news is that it’s not too late to order packs of figures. That window of opportunity will remain open for as long as I want it to 🙂

  19. Martin,

    Can you put me down for one pack, please?


  20. stefano said


    can I book one pack

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  22. Now the figures have arrived the non conformist The son & heir has asked what other nations he could paint the figures as? Westphalians? Italians? Anyone else?

    Seemed like such a good question that I thought I’d relay it on here for the brains trust. Any thoughts?

    von Peter himself

    • Alex said


      italians and swiss would be the first choice. but also there are further alternatives.

      irish and croats are in my mind.

      i am not sure, if the uniforms of the westphalians are not a little bit different from the bardin uniform.

      what about the saxons uniforms?

      • Martin said

        Ah, we need to be a little careful here. The Irish, Croatian and Swiss units were infantry only, so three out of the four figures in the pack couldn’t be used for them. The only remaining possibility is the Marie-Louise wearing his pokalem for these nationalities.

        There are detailed uniform differences that mean I would personally avoid using them for Saxon or Westphalian troops. But it’s very hard to locate details of artillery train uniforms for these smaller armies. At the moment, off the top of my head, the best bet is probably Italy. More research would be required to confirm this.

    • Thanks for the input Alex & Martin.

      The son & heir has attacked his set of figures tonight like some mad whirling dervisher. The infantryman is complete and the two artillery train drivers are well on their way. My evening has been misspent looking up what I could of the uniform details while the paint was flying on the paining table.

      And the non French nationality he’s gone with … … … … … … Italians.

      von Peter himself

      • Martin said

        Blimey, young Simon’s enthusiastic! What sources is he using for Italian artillery train uniform information? It’s not an area I’ve ever looked into. We must see pictures of his artistry.

        As for your research into French artillery train uniformology – fear not, I’ll be providing information as the paint-in proceeds. In brief, the Rousselot plates offer the best information but there are also two obscure Knotel plates that contain useful pointers.

        • Yes, The son & heir is a bit like a bull at the gate at times when he wants to do something. The polar opposite of me!

          Information for the Italian artillery train has been gleaned from several (sometimes contradictory!) sources. The main source being used is from a short but reasonably comprehensive 4 or 5 line description in the relevant Osrpey Men at Arms book. Hopefully the author of this Osprey knew/knows his stuff. I also found some drawings online.

          I’m not sure that the fatigue cap on the infantryman is correct for the Italians but an interpretation has been made. The drummer will probably end up being painted as an Italian line infantry drummer.

          Overall, as long as he’s in the ball park the son & heir is happy with the uniform details.

          I’ll post up some pictures on my blog when he has completed them.

          Of course now he wants some Italian units to support his BFK Limited Edition Figures!!! So it’s looking like some Calpe French may be heading his way. What a cunning sales ploy!!! 8O)

          von Peter himself

        • Oh, and I meant to say that I fully intend to use the information you are going to provide for the BFK Limited Edition Figures. My research efforts were all for the Italians.

          von Peter himself

  23. […] the hell … von Peter’s life – since the last post has been the arrival of the Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures. Three sets arrived – one for The son & heir as per his request and two sets for von […]

  24. […] son & heir’s Italianisation of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures inches forward with minor updates to the last figure of the group – the newly naturalised […]

  25. Miguel López said

    Hey, a question? Wat about the paiting guide for your figures..?

    It will be very usefull for the competition


    Best regards

  26. Martin said

    Well, that’s building up gradually though my series of “paint-in” postings. The next one will appear over the Easter holiday and will talk about trousers and footwear. I’ve already painted the drummer’s trousers in blue as preparation for this. If the paint-in postings progress too slowly for you, feel free to ask specific questions via the comments and I’ll try to answer them.

  27. Miguel López said

    Thanks Martín
    Could You tell me where I could find the plates to paint your miniatures?
    It will be very usefull to guide me about the colours

    Best regards

    • Martin said

      Hi Miguel, sorry for the delay in answering. The best plates to follow are those by Lucien Rousselot. Specifically Plate 55: Train d’Artillerie 1800-1815. These plates are quite hard to acquire nowadays (especially the original hand-coloured edition) but they have been collected together in an excellent book “Napoleon’s Army 1790-1815” published by Casemate and Andrea. Rousselot’s work is still covered by copyright because he only died in 1992, so I shouldn’t really make copies of them available on my blog. There are, however, less scrupulous people than me who post such things on the Web and a quick Google search for “rousselot plates” will enable you to find them. I urge you to buy the book because it’s the right way to acquire these plates and the book contains all the supporting text written by Rousselot.

      Oh – and I forgot to mention that Plate 66: Artillerie à Pied 1804-1815 shows foot artillery drummers.

  28. Miguel López said

    Thanks a lot, I have the original ones because my uncle bought them a century years ago hahahahaa

    Best regards

  29. […] This meagre output is positively stellar however when compared to The son & heir’s though <snigger snigger>. Of course he has been busy with schooling … and the XBox and Facebook <gag> … but it is nearly the end of term and some inducement/bribe may need to be forthcoming to get him to finish his Italianised version of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures. […]

  30. […] This meagre output is positively stellar however when compared to The son & heir’s though <snigger snigger>. Of course he has been busy with schooling … and the XBox and Facebook <gag> … but it is nearly the end of term and some inducement/bribe may need to be forthcoming to get him to finish his Italianised version of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures. […]

  31. […] They’d been painted for a few months. Well … three of them had been. The drummer had been stubbornly stuck at the 83% – as verified by von Peter himself – complete stage. But now they are complete and based thanks to some good old fashioned graft and corruption. The son & heir wanted something and von Peter himself saw an opportunity to get the figures completed. And now … <drum roll> … von Peter himself is proud to present The son & heir’s Italian rendition of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 2012 Limited Edition Figures. […]

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