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Support your local show

Posted by Martin on July 15, 2010

We’re blessed with some of the world’s best wargames shows here in the United Kingdom but not everybody can travel to large national events like Salute, Colours or Partizan. Luckily, many local clubs up and down the nation put on smaller scale but nonetheless worthwhile shows of their own. These shows are often the biggest annual event in the club’s calendar, help fill the coffers and promote the hobby to potential new members, So, despite not being a club-joining sort of person, I always try to make the effort to support my local club’s big day.

Or in this case, big two days…

That’s because the wargames club geographically closest to me (Devizes and District Wargames Group) holds a two-day show over a weekend in July. And, yes, you’ve guessed it, the show is this coming weekend. This year’s Attack! boasts all the staple fare of such events: traders, a bring and buy, demo and participation games and some tournaments for those of a competitive ilk.

So if you’re looking for a day out in the wilds of Wiltshire, why not come along too?

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A quick plug

Posted by Martin on July 14, 2009

This coming weekend is Attack! (the annual show of my local wargames club in Devizes). Though I’m not a member (I’m not very good with the whole business of joining things), I do try to support the show every year by going along.

It’s unusual in being a two-day event held over both the Saturday and Sunday of a weekend and that seems to lend a relaxed atmosphere to proceedings. This year is a bit special though because it’s the 30th year of the event. So if you’re in the area, why not try to pop along and help the club celebrate?

The only fly in the ointment is that I may not be able to make it myself this time around because of pre-existing commitments with family visitors. Still, I might just be able to sneak away unnoticed for a couple of hours…

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Something’s afoot in darkest Wiltshire

Posted by Martin on June 18, 2008

It’s just dawned on me that it’s less that a month until the local wargaming club’s annual show. Attack! 2008 takes place on the weekend of 12/13 July and is organzied by DDWG (Devizes and District Wargames Group).

Now I’m not particularly good at being a member of things (the Groucho Marx philosophy of “I wouldn’t join any club that would take me as a member!” springs to mind) but I do try to support this show every year and go along on one of the two days – usually the Saturday. So I’ll be aiming to attend again this year and, if you’re in the area, I’d encourage you to turn up too. It never ceases to amaze me just how many closet wargamers there actually are lurking here in the rural backwaters of Wiltshire so I’ll be expecting to bump into some of you!

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