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Primer primer

Posted by Martin on May 24, 2014

After a long gap, the bug for creating another video has bitten. Last time (almost two years ago) I did a rudimentary video about Tamiya X21 Flat Base which was quite well received. So here, at last, is my second offering with a look at the Vallejo surface primer that I use nowadays.

Overall, I think this video shows some improvement and evolution over the first but I’ll let you be the judge of that. I’ve got some better technology at my disposal now – it’s amazing what kind of video and sound quality you can get using a just smartphone. Plus I found a nifty little attachment that lets me mount my phone on my camera tripod.


8 Responses to “Primer primer”

  1. Jason said

    Thanks Martin for nice video. I’ve been meaning to make the switch from the ole spray can to actually using my airbrush and this stuff will do the trick.

    Also, I’ve got to say this was about the best “advertisement” for Calpe minis that I’ve seen as I’ve never seen them in person. Painted units are all well and good, but you can REALLY see all the great detail on those primed figs. My first batch of Prussians are Perry’s, but if I ever get to the “next Brigade” you can bet they’ll be Calpe miniatures. 🙂

  2. I am curious Martin. I have used both the Russian Green and White Vallejo Primers but I had to thin them with Vallejo Airbrush medium or Windex. You make no mention of this.


    • Martin said

      Sorry, I thought I did mention in the video that I don’t thin the primer for airbrushing. For me, it works fine straight out of the bottle but I know that there are a plethora of variables that will make things different for each of us – make and model of airbrush, make and model of compressor, airbrushing style, airbrush nozzle size and even weather conditions etc. It won’t do any harm if you thin the primer – you’ll just have to find the air pressure and spraying distance that works for you. I use Vallejo’s own airbrush thinner when thinning both Vallejo and Andrea paints for airbrushing. I’ve heard of plenty of other things being used as a sucessful thinner – like Windex as you mention and Pledge/Klear too. If you are going to experiment, make sure you do it on something expendable first!

  3. Darren said

    Really interesting tutorial Martin, very useful also.

    Great stuff.

  4. Ralph said

    Thanks Martin, very interesting. I currently have still have about a pint of black guesso to work my way through, but hearing this comes in black too I will try it next time around!

  5. A nice video Martin. Sadly I’m old school/dog and will probably stick with an old paint brush for undercoating for now. It’s rare that I’d be undercoating more than 8 figures at a time anyway so some of the difference in time undercoating each figure would get gobbled up with set up and take down of the airbrush. I may check out the Vallejo surface primer at some stage though.
    von Peter himself

  6. John said

    I really enjoyed the tutorial Martin, well done! Now that you have shown your skill with video tutorials perhaps you could produce another on your method for painting the figures… please!

  7. Hi Martin

    Time marches on remorselessly. Did you get to Salute 2015? With Peter F.?

    von Peter himself

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