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Sneak peek at new Calpe Prussian musketeers

Posted by Martin on October 9, 2010

New Calpe enthusiastic Prussian musketeers

New Calpe enthusiastic Prussian musketeers

New Calpe Prussian musketeer officers in Uberrock

New Calpe Prussian musketeer officers in Uberrock

The two pictures above are from a batch I’ve just received from Peter F. that illustrate the now tantalizingly immminent new Prussian musketeer releases from Calpe Miniatures. Before I go any futher, it’s important to credit Steven Maughan of the Napoleonic Archive and his partner Julie for the paint jobs.

As is traditional at Calpe Towers, these figures will be released as “sets” that cover enough figure variations to construct a battalion in a given pose. On this occasion, the sets will at least include advancing, charging and trail-arms poses. I think that the plan is to organize these sets into packs of three or six figures (as was done with the Saxon musketeers). The only remaining work before official release is the completion of a couple of packs of officers and NCOs (some of which are designed to work across multiple pose sets).


18 Responses to “Sneak peek at new Calpe Prussian musketeers”

  1. Burkhard said

    Oh these are very sweet! Lovely poses!!!

    THX for sharing,


  2. rob said

    They look great… Hopefully we can see a comparison photo to see how they differ from the old ones.

    The only disappointment is not seeing a firm release date!


  3. Ralph said

    Hmm, I’m not sure how enthusiastic I want my Musketeers to be! The Officers, however, are just the ticket, particularly the gentleman on the left. His men won’t be following him simply out of curiosity!

    To take up Rob’s point, is the difference in slightly looser Shako coverings – one gets the feeling that the oilskin is a bit stiffer, and so less moulded to the shape of the shako. If oilskin it was, it is a very stiff material, which becomes quite brittle if not cared for regularly…I think the difference is most discernable with the 2 figures on the left of each shot…

    • Ralph said

      Er – actualy I meant on the right of each photo! (You’d think after 22 years in the RN I would know my left from my right – probably why I retired as a Lieutenant!)

  4. Hello Martin

    It’s nice to see another Befreiungskriege 1813-14 update. I can cease fretting now! 8O)

    The first (leftmost) of the enthusiastic musketeers reminds me of a figure in some picture somewhere. Very nice.

    Sadly I have all the musketeers, and fusiliers for that matter, that I need for now … or perhaps I should start a new brigade?! It will be good to see a new Calpe Miniatures release all the same.

    von Peter himself

  5. K. Weissi said

    Obviously these are fantastic minis that do justice to Calpes good name.
    I’m just wondering if there wasn’t more urgent stuff to be released.

  6. Rob said

    ANy update on a release date?

    • Martin said

      Yep – I’ve had e-mail today from Peter F. saying that the first set is ready for release and he’s going to be sending me the lists and photos so that I can update the Calpe website later this week.

  7. rob said

    Great news! What is the first set?

  8. Much Christmas goodness for many then. Excellent.

    I’m already looking forward to the next releases from that talented and most set upon elf at Calpe Towers. So many customers. So many disparate wants. The expectations of the adoring public must weigh heavy at times!


    von Peter himself

  9. Jeremy Dorling said

    Having re-read some of the earlier news on the Calpe webite I am a bit confused –

    Does this mean that the Saxon are on indefinite hold or will we see some as part of the next group of releases?

    • Martin said

      I can see where the confusion might come from. Saxons are not on indefinite hold but the next release will focus on Prussians. Subsequent releases are likely to develop both the Prussian and Saxon ranges and maybe even something else that I can’t mention yet…

  10. Martin said

    A quick update from me. Peter F. has sent me all the material for the first musketeer and (wait for it) grenadier sets that have just been released. There’s a short announcement over on TMP but I’ll be making a full announcement here and releasing new pages on the Calpe website this weekend.

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