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The swan analogy

Posted by Martin on June 23, 2010

Saxon jager by Alexander Sauerweid.

Saxon jager by Alexander Sauerweid.

I know it looks like nothing’s happening but that’s far from the truth. BfK may look serene and quiet as a swan but there’s actually a lot going on beneath the surface that you can’t see. Or at least, you can only see it emerge when work comes to fruition.

For example, I’ve done a minor upgrade to the Saxon Army Resources page to actually include the 40 Alexander Sauerweid plates rather than just linking to another site. This is part of my gradual insurance policy of keeping copies of all these resources just in case the other places go AWOL.

Also, you may have noticed the new contact form at the top of the right hand column. I’ve always encouraged comments on my postings but sometimes people want to contact me about different topics so that’s why I’ve added the form. Even before announcing it here I’ve had three people get in touch, so it promises to be popular. Just don’t expect an instant response from me – real life has a habit of delaying things!

And a final footnote – Henry Hyde over at Battlegames has just started up an e-mail newsletter. I’ve signed up, so let’s see what kind of fare gets delivered.

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Posted by Martin on May 28, 2010

Do you speak German? Or Russian? I’ve got material about the Saxon army in each of these languages that I’d like to get translated into English.

The German material is a couple of chapters of Hottenroth’s 1910 book Geschichte der sächsischen Fahnen und Standarten that regular BfK correspondent Andrew Brentall sent to me a while ago but I simply haven’t had time to work through it all myself. The Russian material is a few A4 pages from a magazine.

Now, I could, just about, manage the German myself but it would take a lot of effort and be a deep test of my memory of the language skills I learnt at school a very long time ago. And as for the Russian – well, I’ve no chance with that!

So if anybody is interested in the Saxon army and fancies a challenge, let me know. It’s not a huge amount of material and I’d be extremely grateful.

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New Saxons book

Posted by Martin on February 3, 2010

New Saxon book by Bunde et al.

New Saxon book by Bunde et al.

I’ve just picked up the news of the publication of a new book about the Saxon army, 1810-13, from a posting on TMP by BfK friend Stephen Summerfield. Despite the minor inconvenience of it in being written in German and published in Germany, I still feel very excited by it, especially since it is co-authored by another of our BfK friends, Peter Bunde.

Die Sächsische Armee 1810-1813 is written by Peter Bunde, Markus Gärtner and Markus Stein and published by Preußische Bücherkabinett in association with Andrea Press as part of their “Heere und Waffen” series. Which means I feel another connection to this book because I’ve visited the publisher’s shop in Berlin myself in the past and I thoroughly recommend it if find yourself in the city. The book runs to 64 pages in paperback with colour illustrations. According to Stephen these are large format reproductions of many contemporary illustrations including those of Baldauf, Sauerweid, Opitz, Schrader, Beyer and the Augsbilder plates as well as additional illustrations by Patrice Courcelle. If you click on the “Vorschau” link in the page, you can see previews of several pages of the book.

For those who struggle with German, here’s my slightly iffy translation of the blurb:

“No army of the German Confederation states was subject to such a fundamental change in organization and uniform as the Saxon forces of the Napoleonic era. Based on the experience of the campaigns of 1806/07 as an ally of Prussia and 1809 as an ally of France, a major reform of the Saxon army was carried out.

Issue 13 of the Heere un Waffen series portrays this new Saxon army in numerous contemporary accounts, in plates by Patrice Courcelle and Edmund Wagner as well as in computer drawings of all the regiments by Dr. Peter Bunde. A description of the war record completes the presentation of this issue and puts a good, comprehensive introduction to the organization, uniforms and history of the Saxon army 1810-1813 in the hands of the reader.”

All in all, at under 20 Euros, this looks like a must-have for me.

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Painting the gilded lily

Posted by Martin on January 9, 2010

Painted and based Saxon officer

Painted and based Saxon officer

Cast your minds back to last September (oh, where has the time gone?) and you’ll recall I did some modifications to a Calpe Saxon musketeer officer. Well, the next step was to use this figure for my colour palette experiments. I also wanted to try out my new basing materials – model railway ballast and Silflor tufts. You can see the result in the photo here.

Of course, I don’t normally base up single figures like this but it was always intended as a one-off experiment and I do have a highly specific subsequent use in mind for this figure. In terms of the colour experiments, it was mainly a case of fine tuning decisions I’d already made and just double checking that they would work properly Specifically, I’ve used this figure to verify the following combinations:

  • For yellow metal: VMC Burnt Umber, VMC Brass and VMC Gold.
  • For yellow: VMC Flat Earth, VMC Yellow Ochre, VMC Flat Yellow, VMC Lemon Yellow.
  • For grey-blue: VMC Prussian Blue, VMC Grey Blue and VMC Deep Sky Blue.
  • For white: Andrea White Set 2nd Shadow, Andrea White Set 1st Shadow and Miniature Paints White.

In addition, I painted the blanket roll using the Foundry Rawhide triad over a basecoat of VMC German Camo. Black Brown.

As you can see, I’m still tweaking recipes – in particular the one for white. I think I now have enough contrast between each of the three layers and a white with sufficiently good coverage (thanks to an indirect recommendation from Peter Royle via Peter F.).

This was also the first time I’ve broken into my stash of Silflor grass tufts and I’m pretty pleased with the result. Just two tufts were sufficient to create a pleasing effect but the one tip I will pass on about these is that you need to press them down firmly with tweasers into a blob of PVA to get them to stay put.

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