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I might live to regret this…

Posted by Martin on July 21, 2009

But it’s one of those things you’ve just go to try.

My blog hosting service provider, WordPress, has just released another fun new feature – just how much fun it will prove to be for me depends on you lot though. That’s because this new feature lets people rate stuff on the blog. There are three specific sorts of stuff I can enable ratings for – posts (like this is), pages (like the Saxon Army Resources page) and comments.

I’m not going to enable ratings for comments for now because I think that would be overkill. But I am going to put my fragile (noises off: “yeah – right, who’s he kidding?”) ego on the line and let you all rate posts and pages. To do this. locate the row of stars at the bottom left of the text. Then simply drag your mouse across the stars until it displays the rating you think I deserve and click.

It’s as simple as that. I’d ask you to be kind but actually I’d prefer you to be honest because the feedback will help me do better stuff here.


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