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A better way to photograph minis?

Posted by Martin on July 24, 2008

I know, I know – been a bit quiet recently. Loads on at work and trying to clear the decks for the upcoming family Summer holiday.

That probably explains my slightly less than sane dalliance with a Web site called Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. This site is a mine of crazy ideas and projects almost perfectly designed to appeal to the child inside every forty-something male. I urge you to take a tour round the site and enjoy some of the stuff they get up too like dalek robots made from pumpkins, weird lego models and a Star Wars Death Star made from a melon…

Bringing things back on topic, though, the reason for mentioning this site here is that there’s a neat article about making a light tent for photography from an Ikea lampshade. It looks like an ideal (not to mention cheap) set-up for getting the lighting right for taking pictures of miniatures. I think this is something I’ll try out at some point in the coming weeks – especially now that we’ve acquired a new (to us) digital SLR camera.

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