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We’ll be right back!

Posted by Martin on July 12, 2011

This is by way of being an apology for the recent lack of postings here. Believe me, it’s not for lack of activty here at BfK HQ or at Calpe Towers. Far from it! The problem is that I can’t fully report from the front line due to technical difficulties. More specifically, my PC is unwell and has been sent away for repairs. This predicament makes normal service difficult for a variety of reasons and it’s difficult to process all incoming e-mail and edit photos for inclusion in postings using a laptop.

So, in order to keep at least some semblance of normality, I’m going to use this opportunity to give a brief synopsis of what you can expect here when the computer is back on active service.

Firstly, and rather exitingly so, Peter F. and I have just returned from our campaign in the Low Countries. More accurately, we’ve just been to Belgium for a few days where we took in the tourist sites of Brussels; visited with renowned Belgian Napoleonic author, expert and collector Paul Meganck; and toured the Belgian Army Museum and the Waterloo battlefield in the company of several other Napoleonic specialists. Both Peter F. and I took copious amounts of photos (including some not so flattering shots of us huffing and puffing up the 200+ steps to the top of the Lion Mound). A full report will follow…

Secondly, several of you have been asking about progress on the Calpe French and there has been a special emphasis on command figures in your questions. While at Calpe Towers, I was able to inspect and photograph some of the greens for the first command pack. When the computer is back working, I’ll post some of the pix for your enjoyment. In the meantime, I think it’s safe for me to provide a few details. The first command pack for the “route march” set will be a regimental command pack of six figures. The greens completed so far are a drummer in greatcoat, an officer with a shouldered sword wearing an habit-veste and a sapper wearing greatcoat and bearskin. The pack will be completed by an eagle bearer and two eagle guards. I think Peter also intends to produce a battalion command pack and during our Belgian trip, he picked up several ideas for unique yet historically accurate figures. As above, a more detailed posting will follow.

In a similar vein, I’ve got photons of more painted Calpe French on the way and we’re going to use those to construct a proper French section on the Calpe website. When we do that, I’ll be able to share with you the pack code for the first pack of fusiliers in uncovered shakos – that’s another set of six figures I’ve got my hot little hands on that technical issues prevent me from showing you just yet đŸ˜¦

You can also look forward to my initial thoughts on Warhammer Historical’s entry into the Napoleonic rules arena!

Sorry for the limited service – hopefully things will be back to normal before I depart for my Summer Holiday in the last week of July.

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