Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Keeping up with the photos

Posted by Martin on April 14, 2012

Pack F6: grenadiers in uncovered shakos.

Pack F6: grenadiers in uncovered shakos.

Pack F9: grenadier head variants.

Pack F9: grenadier head variants.

Painted version of Pack F16.

Painted version of Pack F16.

One of the most common requests I hear about wargame figure manufacturer websites is for the inclusion of photos of all the figures. Now, when Peter F. and started out on the Calpe Miniatures website, we knew that it would be a huge challenge to go back through the existing Prussian range and produce photos of every figure. Just try counting the sheer range of product codes for the Landwehr alone, and you’ll recognise the magnitude of the backlog. So that particular Herculean task remains an ongoing challenge.

However, when in comes to the newer French and Saxon ranges, we’ve been striving to keep up with things as we go along. And the good news is that today I completed uploading photos of the current 16 packs so far in the French infantry range by adding Packs F6 and F9 plus the bonus of a painted version of Pack F16. The paintwork is all Peter’s own and I’m particularly pleased to see Pack F16 because it gives some good guidance for painting saddle furniture.

That leads me nicely on to the promised painting guide for the French Infantry. Sadly, we still haven’t completed this yet but I’ll be meeting up with Peter F. at Salute next weekend so I’ll be able to give you an update after that. And mentioning Salute give me an excuse to again appeal for anybody who knows of a trader there who’ll be stocking Andrea paints.


6 Responses to “Keeping up with the photos”

  1. Jeremy Dorling said

    Very nice – as usual!.

    Is it worth Peter updating the front page of the website – as it still does not mention that he produces French figures, some news about what is upcoming and planned would be good as well – I would be particularly interested in if there will be any more Saxons. (Although I do appreciate the updates through this website – not everyone neccessarily comes here).

  2. rob said

    As usual, Peter’s brushwork is fantastic. Great pictures. And I’ll second the request for an update to the main calpe page (and news on any new saxons!).


  3. Phil said

    I may have asked before but have forgotten. Will these figures be fine for both legere and ligne?

  4. vonpeterhimself said

    More colour pictures. Excellent. As I’ve said before not only do I enjoy seeing Peter’s paint jobs on his own creations but they also serve as excellent reference material.

    Re Salute – are you planning to tweet Martin? I’m not a twitter user except to keep an eye on your Salute twitterings.

    von Peter himself

    • Martin said

      Fine question about the tweeting. I have a shiny new toy in the shape of an Android tablet with wireless and Bluetooth capabilities. So, if I can find a cheap/free available wireless network at ExCel I may do more than just tweet, I might even post on the blog given that I’ve downloaded the WordPress Android app. But I can’t promise for definite.

  5. Dave Jarvis said

    Wow! Simply outstanding figure design and artwork. Inspiring!

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