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Sunglasses on!

Posted by Martin on April 1, 2012

The brand new and frighteningly bright Andrea yellow paint set.

The brand new and frighteningly bright Andrea yellow paint set.

Just spotted this today, hot off the presses: the new paint set from Andrea is yellow. And, boy, is it yellow! The set follows the usual format of the ones already available in other colours – white, red, blue, green etc. And, from the picture, it looks to offer sensible degrees of contrast between each shade. Of course, it’s hard to be certain just by looking at a photograph. But yellow was the obvious missing link in these sets, so it’s good to see it made available.

If only there were as many retailers and stands at wargames shows selling Andrea paints as there are ones selling Vallejo. In all my years of attending Salute, Colours, Partizan and our local show in Devizes (Attack!) I’ve never seen anybody selling Andrea paints. So I have to rely on Historex as the only online supplier that I know of in the UK. If anybody knows of a trader at Salute later this month who’ll be selling Andrea paints, now is the time to post a comment here.

2 Responses to “Sunglasses on!”

  1. Rob said

    If you snag a set, can you do a review of them?

    I ask because I’ve seen – and been disappointed by – so many different yellow sets along the way. They always seem to have poor coverage and allow any color underneath to bleed through.

  2. Phil said

    Did you ever try these? I see they are available in the states now also.

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