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Better “en retard” than “jamais”

Posted by Martin on October 4, 2011

Front view of Calpe French voltigeurs (Pack F2) painted by Peter F.

Front view of Calpe French voltigeurs (Pack F2) painted by Peter F.

At last we’ve got it ready – well, ready enough! So you can now enjoy the French infantry page on the Calpe website. It includes a few pictures of figure packs painted by Peter F. himself and we’ll be adding photos of the painted versions of the rest of the packs as they’re completed. See above and below for examples. I’ve also added a slightly swankier new way of showing the pictures full size when you click on the thumbnails and I’ll retro-fit that to the other pages where we use thumbnail photos. Oh yes, we’re also going to be adding a new section to the website called “Painting Notes” that’ll provide uniformology and painting information. The idea is to avoid cluttering up the pages about the figure ranges with that sort of information in future. These are likely to be a joint effort between Peter and I. The first part of the French infantry painting notes already exists in draft form.

Front view of Calpe French grenadiers (Pack F3) painted by Peter F.

Front view of Calpe French grenadiers (Pack F3) painted by Peter F.

What else is news? Mainly that several other packs will be added to this set and I’ll update the page as details of each become available. I’ve already mentioned Pack F11, the head variant version of the regimental command pack (F10). So I can now confirm the imminent addition of Pack F12, the battalion command pack, and Pack F13, it’s head variant twin. There will be further packs of mounted officers, officers on foot, NCOs etc.

7 Responses to “Better “en retard” than “jamais””

  1. Jeremy Dorling said

    Good news and nice to see them on the site.

    A couple of quick questions –

    1) What will be the make up of the battalion command?
    2) Are the forage caps of the “polkalem” type or the older type (I always think of them as night caps).


    • Martin said

      1). I think the battalion command will follow a similar make-up to that of the Perrys’ equlvalent pack – so something like two officers, two flag bearers and two drummers. But that’s not for definite.

      2). Yes, the forage caps that I’ve seen on greens at Calpe Towers are of the Bardin regulations pokalem style rather than the older bonnet de police.

  2. Peter Royle said

    Any idea about the arrival time of mounted officers just need them before sending of my order?

  3. rob said

    Beautiful painting and great news about the painting notes. Can’t wait to see those.

    One thing you might want to clarify though, packs F4-6 are all uncovered shakos. Otherwise they are identical to F1-3.


  4. Phil said

    This post points up a deficiency in WordPress. You can click on it to “rate” it, but there is no “want” button. Definitely needed for these….

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