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Normal service resumes

Posted by Martin on August 10, 2011

Calpe French regimental command greens.

Calpe French regimental command greens.

When I last posted about the computer difficulties I was experiencing, I hardly expected a hiatus of a month before I’d be able to return to the blogging fray. Yet that’s how it turned out what with the trauma of getting the technical issues resolved eventually butting into our fortnight family holiday (and beyond). However, I’m delighted to say that things are back to normal – in fact, they’re probably back to something better than the previous normality even though it’s proven to be more expensive than anticipated. The old computer turned out to be beyond repair and so I’m now typing this on a shiny new one at BfK HQ that’s equipped with newer and better software than its predecessor.

All of which means that I can begin to make good on the teasers I promised a month ago. And, for our first selection from the menu of arcane delights, I’ve chosen to share some visual evidence of progress on the French range from the Calpe Towers workshop. The above composite picture is of greens of three of the six figures that will comprise the regimental command pack for the route march set of figures. These three chaps are, left to right, a drummer, a sappeur and an officer. The other three figures in the pack will be two eagle guards and an eagle bearer. I took the pictures of these chaps on our return from our long weekend visit to Belgium (which seems soooo long ago now). One of the benefits of the new computer is that it came bundled with much more modern and effective picture editing software so I’m really pleased with how the quality of the photos I took has been preserved through the editing process.

It would be remiss of me not to add a few observations about these three figures. The drummer carries his drum on his back in a fashion that clearly shows the purpose of the two straps that hang down from the bottom of the drum. So, if you ever wondered what they were for, here’s your answer. The sappeur wears a greatcoat but what you can’t see from this picture is that it is buttoned back in such a way as to afford a pleasing view of his apron. Finally, the officer wears the standard habit-veste and Peter F. has sculpted him with the small officer’s bag that was introduced under the Bardin regulations and which is nicely illustrated in the Rousselot plates.

This pack is now available as Product Code F10. Additional Product Codes for other newly available packs in the route march set are as follows: F4 for fusiliers in uncovered shakos, F5 for voltigeurs in uncovered shakos and F6 for grenadiers in uncovered shakos. I’ve got some official photos for some of the packs in this set now from Peter F. so I’m now in a position to add the first French page to the Calpe website. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

Next time I’ll begin sharing some of the pictures we took on the Waterloo battlefield.

12 Responses to “Normal service resumes”

  1. Ralph said

    Great to see you back in action! I guess Peter F is off on his well deserved hols now so will have an order for some on these wonderful figures ready for him in September, so thanks for the product codes…

  2. Burkhard said

    Very nice! I think once Peter releases his French Artillery it will be time for another order!

    And good to have you back online again! What type of PC did you get? If it vcomes with a proper photo editing software it sounds like a Mac.



    • Martin said

      It’s actually a Windows 7 PC and Photoshop Elements was included with it. Now that’s not the full version of Photoshop but it’s certainly powerful enough for my needs and it’s a marked improvement on the aged software I was using previously.

  3. Burkhard said

    Yes, PSE is nice. I use that on my PC as well. Better than Gimp in some aspects. Although seeing iPhoto on my better halfs MacBook always makes my mouth water. đŸ˜‰

  4. Phil said

    Nice figs. It strikes me as odd the an officer would be marching along with his sword drawn in route march though. Maybe not…..

  5. rob said

    Looking forward to the Calpe french page going live. Any chance of getting some painting notes from Peter F as to the colour choices that he has made to add to the webpage? I found his notes concerning the Saxons to be very helpful.


  6. Jeremy Dorling said

    These look very nice and I look forward to seeing them in the metal and on the website.

    There seems to be little mention of the Saxons these days – is there an intention to add to the musketeers in the near future or are they now on the back burner (or even worse – abandoned!)

  7. Phil said

    So, I’m trying to figure out exactly what packs to order to put together a 36 fig French battalion. I think I missed something. How many figs are in the grenadier and voltigeur packs?

    • Martin said

      Four in each. I know that’s different to the six figures in the fusilier packs but Peter made that decision after a lot of research. He can probably explain the reasoning a lot better than me.

  8. Phil said

    I imagine 6 different guys would be nice for each. I can manage 4. I’ll look forward to the info getting up on the site before I put together an order.

    • Don’t forget that there are currently 12 fusiliers (packs F1 & 4), 8 voltigeurs (F2 & F5) and 8 grenadiers (F3 & F6) available. Basically the second pack in each pair repeats the first pack but with uncovered shako.

      I have pictures of them, and the regimental command pack, in the Dawn Parades section of my site.

      von Peter himself

  9. Phil said

    Ah, thanks for the pointer.

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