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Calpe French paint previews

Posted by Martin on June 15, 2011

Peter F. often draws on the advice and opinions of a close circle of wargaming and figure painting friends when preparing a new batch of sculpts. In return, the members of this coterie sometimes receive free samples of the first castings out of the production moulds. And the early fruits of the French infantry are no exception to this rule.

Given that I’ve only painted one test fusilier that I haven’t had a chance to photograph yet and only just started a on four-pack of the grenadiers, I’m delighted to say that I can share photos of some of these figures painted by other “Friends of Calpe Towers”. So, for your enjoyment, I present a selection of pictures of painted Calpe French infantry which, in due course, will also make their way on to the Calpe Miniatures website. Credit for the painting in the first two pictures goes to Steve Maughan of The Napoleonic Archive, the third picture features the brushwork of Peter Royle and the last two pictures are from the fair hand of Peter F. himself and will adorn the French infantry page on the Calpe Miniatures website when we make it live.

Thanks to all concerned for providing the photos. If this lot doesn’t whet your appetite, I don’t know what will!

Calpe French voltigeurs painted by Steve Maughan.

Calpe French voltigeurs painted by Steve Maughan.

Calpe French grenadiers painted by Steve Maughan.

Calpe French grenadiers painted by Steve Maughan.

Calpe French fusiliers, grenadiers and voltigeurs painted by Peter Royle.

Calpe French fusiliers, grenadiers and voltigeurs painted by Peter Royle.

Front view of Calpe French fusiliers (Pack F1) painted by Peter F.

Front view of Calpe French fusiliers (Pack F1) painted by Peter F.

Rear view of Calpe French fusiliers (Pack F1) painted by Peter F.

Rear view of Calpe French fusiliers (Pack F1) painted by Peter F.


11 Responses to “Calpe French paint previews”

  1. Ralph said

    Amazing painting of what are clearly great sculpts of the quality we have come to expect from the house of Calpe!

    So when will we lesser mortals be able to get our sticky mitts on these?

    • Martin said

      Well, actually, you can order them now even though we haven’t actually put the details on the Calpe website yet. The first fusilier pack of six figures on covered shakos is Product Code F1; Product Code F2 is for the pack of four voltigeurs on covered shakos and th pack of four grenadiers in covered shakos is Product Code F3.

  2. Wonderful stuff from all the painters. I particularly like the photos from Peter F. as they show how he has interpreted the figures which make them a great painters guide. Are we to see similar for the voltigeurs and grenadiers from Peter F.? I hope so … and if not can I please request them for the greater good! 8O)

    Yesterday I received samples of all these figures – my intention to wait until more of the line was available proved to be but am illusion! – and they are truly wonderful figures IMHO. I’ll soon put some pictures up on my site.

    von Peter himself

    • Martin said

      I fully expect there to be painted grenadiers and volitgeurs from Peter F. plus I’m working on a pack of the grenadiers and I’ll aim to share photos of each step of the painting process here. I’ve already undercoated them black and painted most of the red – epaulettes, shaving-brush pompoms, trouser stripes etc.

  3. Gordon Waddell said

    I put this in as an e-mail but it should have been a comment. The
    figures look really good as usual and the paint jobs are excellent.
    I have one question though. The figures look great for soldiers
    marching between battlefields i.e. a bit relaxed, but on the day of battle did not the French use the classic ‘march attack’ pose?
    with one arm across the chest in the same way as the Saxons are done?

    • Martin said

      Yes, you’re correct, these figures are not in the orthodox regulation French “march-attack” pose for carrying their muskets. And there’s a reason for that to which you’ve actually alluded.

      These figures are meant to be packs that go together to form a set of figures in “route march” pose – i.e. they are intended to represent troops marching on to the battlefield rather than in the classic “march-attack” pose usually adopted once battle is joined.

      Hope that clarifies things for you.

  4. Gordon Waddell said

    That’s very useful as I have been looking for such figures for a while. They would make excellent marching artillerymen and various other rear echelon characters.

  5. Phil said

    Awesome. When will the command be available?

  6. Rob said

    I always forget that Peter F is as good a painter as he is a sculptor. Martin, can you please ask him to reveal his colour recipies — it would be a great addition to the upcoming French section of the Calpe website.

    The french are shaping up to be a great release… looking forward to seeing the officers that go along with these. Now if we could just get some new Saxons (either the artillery or the grenadiers, I’m not picky) I’d be in heaven!


  7. Phil said

    Any update on command figure availability?

  8. I love them, cant wait to get my acrylic paws on them, need to get the website and the paypal up an running Martin before the wife finds my horde of doubloons đŸ˜‰

    John M,

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