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Mission briefing: Salute 2011

Posted by Martin on April 14, 2011

The annual outing to the far side of London for Salute is almost upon me, so it’s time to mark your cards with the things I’ll be looking forward to on the big day. So, here we go, in no particular order (as they say on certain well-know TV talent shows):

  1. Meeting up with Peter F.: Having good company always makes a wargames show much more enjoyable and Peter and I almost always meet up at Salute (and bump into lots of other friends along the way). This years we’ve got lots to catch up on and it won’t surprise regular BfK readers to know that I expect (yes, expect rather than hope) to come home with exciting developments in my hot little hands.
  2. Perry Miniatures Prussians: The plastic box will be available from the Perrys’ own stand and the metal packs will be on sale at Dave Thomas’ stand. I’ll certainly scrutinze these closely and may well come away with a few samples for review and comparison purposes. The Perrys have also let it slip that 3-ups for several forthcoming plastic boxes will be on display. The usual discussion fora are rife with speculation about what these sets might be. All I can say is that some of the more fevered imaginations are doomed to be disappointed.
  3. David Imrie/Paul Darnell ECW Demo Game: I’ve been following the preparations for this on David’s Saxon Dog blog and, as ever, his sense for getting vignettes and units just right impresses me.
  4. Call of Cthluedo: I usually steer clear of the Frothers Unite! UK forum (that’ll get me into trouble) but who can resist the combination of two games classics: Call of Cthulhu versus Cluedo. I want to find out if deep ones did it in the dining room with the sacrifical dagger.
  5. The return of the “Spanish Magazine”: well, it won’t be Spanish any more now that it’s an English language edition from a Dutch publisher but Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy rises from the ashes this weekend. Will the re-incarnation be as good as the original?
  6. The painting competition: It’s a regular fixture and I’m always keen to see what the standard is like even though I’m slightly concerned about the decline of historical entries that I’ve detected over the last couple of years. My single biggest hope is that there won’t so much jostling around the display cases this year. Last year, this was really off-putting, not to mention that it impaired my ability to take any decent photos of the entries.

So that’s a taster of what I’ll be up to. What about you?


4 Responses to “Mission briefing: Salute 2011”

  1. The upcoming plastic set are really interesting indeed. Throwing my hat into the ring, my guesses would be:

    * mounted Knights for the War of the Roses (since these were previously anounced)
    * British Heavy Cav for Napoleonic (I see a huge need, the horses are there from the French set and they could even use the French Cuirassiers as a base)
    * Another type of Nappy Cav. (French Chasseurs a Chaval or Line Lancers, since they could recycle horses from the previous sets). Although this would mean too many Cav. for the anounced 3-up-ratio.

    When it comes to the rest… I think anything is possible, including completely new eras or nationalities. If they stay with what they have my guess would be:

    * Polish Napoleonic Inf (would be a good match for both Leipzig and the Prussians)
    * French (Young) Guard
    * French Art. (to Victrix steal Victrix their thunder)

    Although I seriously doubt they would do this many Napoleonic sets… but one can always hope for the best!

    All being said enjoy your day and give my greetings to Peter F…. wish I could be there!



    • Well it looks like almost all my guesses were off. This just came up on TMP:

      For those people who couldn’t attend Salute, we have a brief line-up of our new 3ups that were on show. This is just an overview – we’ll be going into more detail with more photos on each set in the coming week. We hope you like them. Please note that some parts of these figures are held on by blue-tac, which might show occasionally.
      Austrian Napoleonic (German) Infantry 1808-15

      All the figures in the box will have both helmets and shakos, so they cover the mid-to-late-war period. You’ll be able to equip all the figures in the box with either. They’re wearing the 1808 pattern jacket, which is used up to the end of the war and beyond. There will be 48 figures in the box. There will be other box sets in this series.
      Russian Napoleonic Infantry (summer dress) 1809-15

      There will be enough early shakos and later kiwers to equip all the figures in the box with either. The earlier corded 1807 pattern shakos were worn alongside the 1812 kiwer during the 1812 Russian campaign, as reforms took a while to complete. There will be two boxes of these – one infantry (with elites), one grenadier – as there are so many variants of headgear.
      Prussian Napoleonic Reserve Infantry 1813-15

      These are represented in their 1813 basic grey uniforms and minimal kit, although some reserve regiments still wore this uniform in 1815. Both peaked caps and shakos will be included for all figures. The command wore the regular Prussian uniforms.
      Mounted Men-at-Arms 1450-1500

      There will be twelve horsemen (four different bodies/armor types, with bridle arm attached). There will also be a variety of weapons, including couched lance, mace, axe, etc. The horses are in three pieces with interchangeable body halves plus separate horse armor.
      American War of Independence British Infantry 1776-81

      This will be the first in a series of AWI plastics. American militia and Continentals are also in the pipeline. Only four of the five figures for the infantry sprue are shown here. Formal cocked, half-cocked hats and cut-down ‘Saratoga’ caps will be included for all in the box.
      ACW Confederate Infantry 1862-65

      These mid/late-war Confederates will be represented at the charge or at ‘right shoulder shift’, as with the Zouave set. Only three of the five figures from the infantry sprue are shown here.

      There are no release dates on any of these at the moment.

      I have to say though… I like those Russians and Austirans. They should make nice additions to my Foundry Russians (at a far better price) and the upcoming Victrix Austrians. The Prussian reserves… well honestly… they do nothing for me! With such minimal kit i would have prefered them to be more animated!



  2. Hello Martin

    Will you be a twittering this year live from Salute? I’ll be looking forward to whatever news you come back with but especially any Calpe updates.

    Enjoy (like that’s an option!) and say hello to Peter F. for me.

    von Peter himself

    • Martin said

      Ah yes – I plan to be on Twitter. You can follow me on @befreiungskrieg or, to make life easier, I’ve added a “Live recon” section to the right hand sidebar here on BfK especially for the day!

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