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They’re at it again!

Posted by Martin on March 11, 2011

Perry Grenadiers a Cheval

Perry Grenadiers á Cheval

Some peoples’ productivity just leaves me exhausted thinking about it. Case in point: those darned Perry Twins. It only seems like a few days since they unveiled news about Prussian artillery figures and now they’re making announcements about more French cavalry.

If you look beyond the hype, though, there are points of interest. Firstly, we are talking about (among others) the Grenadiers á Cheval of the Imperial Guard – one of my favourite cavalry units of the period. After all, who can resist bearskins on horseback? Secondly, there’s a tidbit for those of us more interested in 1813-14 than 1815: Alan Perry has revealed that the French range will be creeping back in time to cater for us a little. There are plans to cover minority units like the Mamelukes and the Scout Lancers of the Guard. These sort of units are rarely modelled, colourful to paint and saw extensive action in the 1814 campaign. Do I detect interest growing in this brief period of intense action to the East of Paris?

One Response to “They’re at it again!”

  1. Burkhard said

    This is going to be one expensive year! đŸ˜‰

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