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Perry Prussian teaser

Posted by Martin on February 26, 2011

Greens of the "loading" set of Perry Prussian artillery with a British 6-pdr.

Greens of the "loading" set of Perry Prussian artillery with a British 6-pdr.

Alan Perry has posted a little more info about the forthcoming Perry Miniatures Prussian range on TMP. What do we learn from this? Well, the main highlight is that the first box of plastics will be available at Salute on 16th April 2011 so if you see a small group of men huddling in a corner poring over some sprues, it’ll be a safe bet that it’s me, Peter F, and the other Calpe Miniatures regulars closely examining the quality of the competition.

Alan has also revealed that there’s a small chance that some of the metal packs might be released ahead of the plastics. These packs will include foot artillery and, intruigingly, commanders. Whether this means command figure packs to go with the plastic infantry or personality figure generals remains a mystery. On the foot artillery front, it’s good to note that the 1815 bias of the Perry range will be supported by making the Prussians available with Prussian, British (loaned) or French (captured) ordnance. There’s also a new picture of the greens for the set of figures loading a gun which I’ve included here for your viewing pleasure.

13 Responses to “Perry Prussian teaser”

  1. Burkhard said

    From my experience the reference to “commanders” usually means named personalities or at least one in the pack, otherwise they usually refer to them as “command”. Anyway… I am looking forward to seeing these. Especially since I think / hope that they will be a good deal better then the Warlords rendition of Prussians!



  2. Ralph said

    Yes I agree with Burkhard about the Commanders, the Perries do seem to go to great lengths to model individual generals – I think they do every single divisional commander in the French Army of the North.

    I suspect that if their previous offering are anything to go by, these will be providing serious competition to Calpe. Personally however I intend to remain wedded to my Calpes, of which I’m very fond. I’ve restricted my painting time to Brits up until the 200th anniversary of Salamanca in 2012, and this has made me champ at the bit to return to my Calpe lead pile, but I musn’t!

    We still appear to be no wiser as wether these Perry guns are resin or lead…..

    • Martin said

      I think the emerging consensus is that these are resin masters for making production moulds that will be used to cast metal ordnance for sale.

    • I’m with you Ralph – I don’t see any need to buy any of these at this stage. There are still plenty of Calpe poses & variants that I haven’t used yet and I don’t think that I’m missing out in the sculpting & design quality stakes. And as for physical quality – I’ve yet to get a bad Calpe casting.

      But then I am a self confessed Calpe zealot! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  3. rob said

    It seems to me from their website that every napoleonic range the Perrys do starts with named higher command so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pack with Blucher and staff (can’t wait to see this) as well as a pack of named brigade commanders and a pack of mounted infantry command (similar to the first bunch of pack from the British range)


  4. Burkhard said

    I actually love the Calpe minis I have (plus I am really looking forward to the order that should be in the mail right now). Still I plan to buy a box of the Perry minis when they come out and will proable buy some of their metal minis for added variety (although the Calpe range already has plenty of variety). I promised Martin to write a review of the Perry plastics like I did with the Warlord ones… that way we should get some points to talk about in the future. đŸ˜‰



  5. Simon Boulton said

    I will be using these alongside the Calpe figures. For me, one of the big advantages of the Perry range is the easier availability. You can pick them up at the main UK shows and there are several shops within easy reach of my home that stock the plastic boxed sets.

  6. Phil said

    I hope either Perry or Calpe do Prussian cuirassier someday….

    • If the Perry’s are doing their Prussians for Waterloo then … well … ummm … ahhhh … not many Prussian kuirassieres in the Prussian Corps in that campaign! Time will tell I guess.

      von Peter himself

  7. Giles said

    If you look in the “On the Workbench” section of the Perries’ website you can see greens of metal Prussian infantry officers and high command personalities.


  8. Giles said

    For anyone who’s interested, there are now two more pictures of forthcoming metal Prussian fusiliers on the “workbench” section of the Perry website. It could be a trick of the light or the photographs, but to my mind the blanket rolls look a bit bigger and chunkier on these figures.

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