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Going Dutch

Posted by Martin on February 15, 2011

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy is set to return.

Wargames Soldiers and Strategy is set to return.

Something I just picked up from the WD3 Forums: Wargames Soldiers and Strategy (AKA “The Spanish Magazine” is about the have its English language editon ressurected by a Dutch publisher. Now if that isn’t a fine example of the European Community in action, I don’t know what is!

You can read a full press release on the new publisher’s website. That’s one thing that’ll go on the list for Salute 2011 then.

Good luck to all involved!


One Response to “Going Dutch”

  1. figvfig said


    i had only just found a news agent in town that carried wss when I discovered that the english language version was to be stopped. I hope they pick it up again. I really enjoyed this mag, *sigh* practical wargamer too.

    With all those brits living on the costa del chips you would think wss could get a couple of sun crisped scousers or geezers to bash out and english version, prolly couldn’t pry them out of the Trattoria’s.

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