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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Missive from the master

Posted by Martin on February 7, 2011

A little news from Calpe Towers for you.

Tonight I’ve added Peter F’s latest update to the home page of the Calpe Miniatures website. You can read it in full for yourselves but, as usual, I’ll take a moment to draw your attention to some salient points.

Firstly, let’s get the bad news out of the way: rises in the price of tin have finally had the inevitable effect that Peter will have to increase his prices imminently. Secondly, the recent releases of new Prussian Musketeer sets has caused some confusion. To be honest, Peter and I both expected this to happen but he hadn’t quite decided what to do about it. That decision is made now and, to help clarify Peter’s announcement further, I’ll soon modify the Prussian Musketeers page accordingly (and even add some new pictures to it!). Along with that I’ll also be adding a new page for the Prussian Grenadiers.

And saving the best until last: Peter will soon reveal details of the upcoming French and Saxon releases – maybe even with some exclusive pre-release pictures.


7 Responses to “Missive from the master”

  1. Ralph said

    Its always good to hear some news from Calpe. Personally, I think Peter is worrying too much about putting his prices up. He is clearly poitioned at the top end of the market, and I suspect that most of his customers are cash rich and time poor, rather than the other way around, so that the real investment is the time spent in painting the model.

    I won’t comment about the Musketeer codes issue as I don’t have the Professorship in Science Rocketry that is clearly required to unravel this gordian knot, and I have a fair number of Muskeeters in my lead pile anyway…

    (Dragoons, however, are a different matter…)

    Can’t wait for the info on the Johnny Crapauds, though…

  2. “And saving the best until last: Peter will soon reveal details of the upcoming French and Saxon releases – maybe even with some exclusive pre-release pictures.”

    Ye ha – bring it on.

    von Peter himself

  3. D’oh. I should’ve waited until I’d read Peter’s updated news.

    Firstly a slow and messy death to commodity traders. Do they perform any useful function at all?

    Secondly I whole heartedly give the much looked for von Peter himself seal of approval to Peter’s intention to update the news on a monthly basis. If he slips a month (or even two!) occasionally I will be able to forgive him as I imagine that there will be slow months news wise.

    von Peter himself

  4. Burkhard said

    Blimey… that is what you get for waiting too long. I had been planning to send in an order today anyway! 😦



  5. Jeremy Dorling said

    Any further news on the up coming Saxons and French?

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