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Late start to 2011

Posted by Martin on January 22, 2011

Perry Prussian foot artillery six-pounder cannon.

Perry Prussian foot artillery six-pounder cannon.

Now the rush of New Year resolution blog posts and discussion threads has abated, I think it’s time that I got started on my hobby-related 2011. As regular BfKer’s will have heard before, I’m not one for New year resolutions but I certainly am looking forward to the year ahead. I believe there are grounds to anticipate a vintage hobby year – especially if your interests coincide with mine – i.e. “big battalions” 28mm Napoloenic figure collecting and wargaming.

Perry Prussian foot artillery seven-pounder howitzer.

Perry Prussian foot artillery seven-pounder howitzer.

Top of my list of anticipated highlights is the kaledioscope of nationality shifts we’re going to see among the figure manufacturers. My first piece of evidence for this comes in the shape of what just appeared on the Perry Miniatures “On the Workbench” page: several shots of work in progress on their metal Prussian foot artillery figures. Close analysis of the four photos there (I’ve reproduced two here) show sculpts of eight figure poses (in two sets of four: one set firing a gun and one set running up a gun) plus two pieces of ordnance – a six pounder cannon and a seven pounder howitzer. But look even more closely at these pictures: the figures are almost certainly sculpts intended for casting in metal but the ordnance look like grey plastic mouldings. Is this the sign of hybrid metal/plastic packs on the horizon? Take a look and tell me what you think.

So this is continued evidence of the Perrys moving into Prussian territory and giving us a wider choice of quality figures to place alongside the Calpe Miniatures range. What makes the year so exciting is that the traffic will also be flowing in the other direction and the Calpe range will soon include French figures to place alongside the existing Perry ones. My most recent communications with Peter F. indicate that the first set of French infantry is progressing nicely. Peter F. tells me that the fusiliers are ready and he’s now working on the voltigeurs and grenadiers which will be followed by sculpting the command figures. We really will be blessed for choice before much longer!

8 Responses to “Late start to 2011”

  1. Burkhard said

    Looking at the gun… it is resin rather then plastic IMHO. It is not uncommon to have master model first cast in resin, so I think it is rather that.

    Although i would certainly welcome someone doing plastic guns. I really liked the Victrix RA set and am looking forward to their RHA redition once it comes out!



    P.S.: Good to see a new post Martin… I was already suffering from withdrawl! 😉

  2. Hello Martin. Nice to see you back.

    The best news from my perspective is that from Calpe Towers – “the first set of French infantry is progressing nicely”. Wonderful news. Please keep us posted.

    von Peter himself

  3. Alan said

    I think it is great that there are soon to be Calpe French but I am wondering what happened to the Saxons? I imagine a lot of people will have started to build their Saxon contingent and may well be wondering how long they will have to wait for artillery and cavalry etc.

    • Martin said

      Hi Alan – I’m sure progress will continue on the Saxons. For example, I’ve seen the greens for the line grenadiers set.

      I think it’s simply a case of economic necessity for Peter F. at the moment. He’s had a prolonged period during which he’s been unable to release new figures (well documented here) so he needs to make the next releases ones that will sell in volume. Hence some French for now. Peter’s track record as a completist should give you confidence that the Saxons will be returned to.

  4. Giles said

    Happy new year, Martin. I very much hope Burkhard is right and the guns will not be sold as resin pieces, because I bought a Warlord ECW resin gun and was not impressed by the lack of detail on it (i.e. the “wood graining” effect was inferior to that you see on metal pieces). I also thought that the blanket rolls on these figures looked a bit bigger than the blankets on the plastic infantry?

    I’m looking forward to the Calpe French. I will certainly have one eye on them as troops for the First Carlist War.

    Best wishes


    • Martin said

      Happy New Year to you too, Giles.

      These guns are a bit of a mystery at the moment. I have seen resin castings in other areas of modelling that are well-detailed, so I think we’ll just have to wait and see.

      I agree about the blanket rolls. The plastic Prussians’ ones looked a bit undernourished to me, so these are better. But I wonder if the pendulum has swung too far the other way. I shall certainly acquire a sample pack or two to see what they’re really like.

    • Burkhard said

      I do not think, that the Perry´s will do the guns in resin unless they are having huge problems with the sales of “heaver” sets like artillery or cavalry and need to reduce salesprices by moving to resin.
      While the process of casting resin and pewter is not too different, it still requires different tools if you want to do it properly and especially in huge numbers. And I think the Perry´s are too pro to do that.
      Especially since they have already moved to plastic. If they wanted to cut costs it would be more sensible to do a generic carriage in plastic and just cast the crews and barrels in pewter.
      Another thing is… if I wanted to cut costs, my first target would be cavalry. Given that they already have a good plastic cavalry base (they already have paid for the plastic horses moulds) and still released new pewter cavalry late last year. So I guess this is just a resin master cast and not a hint to a change in production.



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