Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Summer holidays

Posted by Martin on July 29, 2010

It’s that time of year and I’m off for a week away from it all in the wilds of Wales. Peter F. has also just started the traditional annual August shutdown over at Calpe Towers. With that in mind, I’ve just added a news update to the Calpe Miniatures website that provides some interesting updates for those waiting for new releases.

As I’ve mentioned previously, Peter has a number of new sets ready to release but I’ve not been able to say too much about them. Now I can actually reveal some details since Peter has specifically talked about them in the news update. Starting in late September, there will be a sequence of releases of newly sculpted sets of Prussian musketeers (with redesigned heads and historically more accurate shakos). These will be followed by several equivalent sets of Prussian fusiliers (again with the new heads and shakos) that Peter aims to release by the end of the year. Moving into 2011, there will be a set of Prussian grenadiers and, by the end of 2011, a set of Prussian Guard infantry. I also anticipate some other releases over this time frame but I don’t think Peter is ready to raise peoples’ expectations by talking about them publicly at this stage. All of these new sets will be released in packs of three or six figures in the same way as the Saxon musketeers were.

I’m hoping to have samples of some of the new figures in my hot little hands by mid September and I’ll aim to give you a preview of them around the time of Colours.

3 Responses to “Summer holidays”

  1. Banstead Postie said

    As an avid Prussian gamer i’m a very happy boy, Guards on the horizon!! Grenadiers!!
    Will start putting in the overtime tommorow.
    Ps. Any chance of seeing some pics of your Prussian units Martin?

  2. rob said

    Looking forward to seeing these – is there any further detail as to how the shako differs from the models I already have? In any event, I’m sure the models will be great for just the improved saxon style faces alone.

    I will admit to some disappointment – no additions to the saxons mentioned and the first “new” models not till 2011 with the grenadiers. Still any new models from Peter will be a treat and I’ll no doubt add a fair few to my collections.


  3. Ralph said

    Good news that that Peter’s long saga of trail and tribulation appears to be behind him, and its good to hear that the necessary engineering skills, coupled with a bit of old fashioned grit and determination can still be found in the old country.

    I’m a bit peturbed by hearing that my beloved Musketeer’s heads are not all that they could be though. I realise that my painting skills leave much to be desired, but really its too much!

    Seriously, good news all round and I’m sure there will be many Calpe afficionadoes watching the news very carefully later on in the year.

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