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Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Posted by Martin on May 28, 2010

Do you speak German? Or Russian? I’ve got material about the Saxon army in each of these languages that I’d like to get translated into English.

The German material is a couple of chapters of Hottenroth’s 1910 book Geschichte der sächsischen Fahnen und Standarten that regular BfK correspondent Andrew Brentall sent to me a while ago but I simply haven’t had time to work through it all myself. The Russian material is a few A4 pages from a magazine.

Now, I could, just about, manage the German myself but it would take a lot of effort and be a deep test of my memory of the language skills I learnt at school a very long time ago. And as for the Russian – well, I’ve no chance with that!

So if anybody is interested in the Saxon army and fancies a challenge, let me know. It’s not a huge amount of material and I’d be extremely grateful.

14 Responses to “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

  1. Adrian Mandzy said

    If you need the russian text translated, contact me off-line.


  2. Günter said

    Hi Martin,
    as I am an Austrian by birth and half a Saxon through my father it would be a great honor if I can help you in any form. I am also raising an Saxon 28mm Army so I read as many (german) books I can lay my hands on.
    I would be happy to help You.

    Best regards

  3. As is my way I am of absolutely no use in such a task though it seems you have a couple of volunteers already. Phew, pressure relieved!!! 8O)

    Now on to the self interest part…

    Will any findings from the translations, or perhaps the complete transcripts, be published in any form? The Saxon Army Resources page perhaps, or Wargames Illustrated.

    von Peter himself

  4. Burkhard said

    Could help with the German text as well… question is how much text it actually is and how much time you have!



    • Martin said

      Hi Burkhard, thanks for offering to help. I’m going to start with Günter since he replied first. However, there is quite a bit of German material, so if he doesn’t wish to do all of it (which I’d completely understand) I might come back to you.

  5. Andrew Brentnall said

    Hi Martin,

    Glad to see your busy schedule is finally allowing you to get back to the “conundrum”. By the way, loved your stuff on the Republic to Empire Rules, and how to play Prussians. Almost enough to get me back to Napoleonics! If you get a pukka translation of the Hottenroth I would really like to see it, if only to show me how bad my own “cod” version actually is. Unfortunately Dr Bauer at the Dresden Museum is understandably very busy at present, so I am not clear when I am going to get the opportunity to go and do some first hand research on the surviving flags. But it is on my list.




  6. Ian said

    I’ve got some Russian and would be happy to have a look at what you’ve got; but with no promises as to whether I could do it!

  7. John M, said

    if you need any Scottish translated Martin dont hesitate mate 😉

  8. Martin said

    I’m married to an Ayrshire lassie, so I think that’s one foreign language I’m fluent in 🙂

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