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When clamping is not enough

Posted by Martin on May 19, 2010

So I soaked that warped Litko 100mm x 60mm, 1.5mm think plywood base and then clamped it firmly flat under heavy and evenly distributed weights for a couple of days.

Result? Initially, very good. Flat as a pancake. But pride comes before a fall. Over the following couple of days the base started to bow again. It’s almost as if plywood is like one of those modern polymers that has shape memory. So this morning I’ve e-mailed Litko to see if they’ll send me a replacement pack of properly flat bases. I’m optimistic because all my previous dealings with them have gone well.

UPDATE: Just opened e-mail from Litko and they’re going to send replacements ASAP. Excellent customer service – thanks Eddie!


2 Responses to “When clamping is not enough”

  1. Try varnishing the base first! or sealing it with something similiar

    • Martin said

      Ah, Andrew, I probably haven’t explained things clearly enough. Sealing/varnishing might have worked if the bases were flat when supplied. I haven’t even tried to base anything on them yet because they were bowed in the middle when I took them out of the packaging in the first place.

      Sorry for the confusion. Anyway, the nice man at Litko is sending replacements now.

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