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The countdown begins

Posted by Martin on April 16, 2010

Perry Salute 2010 special Napoleon set.

Perry Salute 2010 special Napoleon set.

At this time in just over a week, I’ll be on the train home from Salute 2010. With luck I’ll be footsore but happy after a day out of hobby-related self indulgence. Right now, though, I’m at the point where anticipation and excitement are starting to build and I’m compiling my traditional plan for the day.

What’s on the menu this year, then?

With luck, I’ll be able to meet up with Peter F. and tour the traders and games in his company. This isn’t a certainty because of Peter’s domestic commitments this year so I’ve made some precautionary arrangements. Chief among these is that I’ve been granted a command at Barry Hilton and David Imrie’s Republic to Empire Waterloo demo game. I’m not quite certain what I’ll be in charge of but I’m hoping for some elements of the Imperial Guard. David’s been doing a terrific job of painting up some Victrix plastics for the occasion and I hope I manage to aquit myself as well as these figures deserve. Of course, the real benefit I’ll get from this is the chance to come to grips with this promising new ruleset properly for the first time under the tutelege of the author himself.

There are at least two other Napoleonic games I’m looking forward to seeing and a 25mm American War of Independence game too, so there should be no shortage of colourful eye candy. With that in mind I aim to take some better quality photos than I did last year.

Meanwhile, the Perry twins continue to make the most of show opportunities to promote their wares. This time they’ll have a Wars of the Roses demo game (not so interesting for me personally) plus (much more interesting) a number of Salute specials. One of these is the offer of a free Ney figure for purchasers of three boxes of plastic Napoleonic cavalry. I’m not sure I’ll stretch to three boxes but I might try to club together with some friends so that we get at least one Ney figure between us to fight over! The other interesting Perry Salute special is the mounted Napoleon set pictured above which features the Emperor himslef plus Soult and a Mameluke figure.

Elsewhere, I’ve marked my card to look at the Doctor Who game (sea devils anybody?) and search around for inspriational basing materials, intruiging books and to see if any traders are carrying a stock of Andrea paints. Finally, of course, I mustn’t forget the painting competition, must I?


6 Responses to “The countdown begins”

  1. Rob said

    Love the new perry Napoleon set… nothing like specials like this to make the colonies feel extra colonial.

    Looking forward to a report on all the new goodies coming this year – hopefully Peter F will have some good news to share as well!


  2. Andrew Brentnall said


    Hope you have a great time. I’ll be making the trip across from Belgium (fortunately the Chunnel seems unaffected by volcanic ash at present!) just looking for anything that takes my fancy. I think I might focus on the 28mm Zama Command and Colours games, as well as on stocking up on paints of all manufacturers and hues. Also take the chance to show Dave Pengilley of Pendraken what the 1870 Brunswickers he cast up for me look like painted and beflagged. Sorry I have no further news on our pet project since my last e-mail, the good Dr Bauer has gone rather silent!

    All the best,


  3. Howdies Martin

    At least you’ll have a quiet train trip this year! 8O)

    Will you be twittering this year? If so I may be tempted to attempt to follow my first ‘twit’ (is that the right term? … ha ha ha). If not I’ll fully understand. There’s just too many diversions at a Salute.

    von Peter himself

    • Martin said

      It’s called a “tweet” dear boy!

      I may well try it again but, as you say, it’s easy to forget to do it when you’re so busy enjoying yourself. If you do want to follow along, then there’s a link at the top of the right hand column.

      It’s worth following anyway because I announce all new posts on the blog via Twitter nowadays.

  4. It’s Friday the 23 April over here in NZ and it will soon be the same date in the UK which means that it will soon be Salute Twenty Ten day.

    Have a great Salute Twenty Ten Martin. If you get to play in the Republic To Empire game then I for one will be most interested in your impressions. Hopefully Peter F. will be able to make it – he seemed to enjoy the day last year.

    von Peter himself

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