Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Brief encounter

Posted by Martin on April 6, 2010

Horse artillery NCO 360-degree shot.

Horse artillery NCO 360-degree shot.

Yesterday was mostly consumed by helping my elder daughter get everything sorted out for her imminent school geography trip to Iceland. So the Bank Holiday painting opportunity was limited to less than half an hour. In that time I managed to progress the horse artillery NCO to the point where only his hands are left to do. I applied some mud weathering to the lower edge of his litewka and his boots (Burnt Umber, then Beige Brown and finally Cork Brown) and corrected a few errors (notably to the greys on the right leg of his overalls).

The other area I completed was his sword, scabbard and sword knot. I wrestled a bit here with colour schemes between yellow and white metal. It should problably all have been white metal but I couldn’t resist giving him a yellow metal guard on the sword. Horse artillery sword knots were plain black leather in keeping with the cavalry but that got a fair amount of grey highlighting to give it some interest.

I hope you enjoy the picture. Today the photography gods smiled and blessed me with nice even daylight and I got the set-up just right. So I thought I’d take some shots all around the figure and edit them together into this montage.


4 Responses to “Brief encounter”

  1. Rafa said

    Excellent work Martin!!

    I like the spots on their jacket

  2. Harry the Elder said

    In the Pickin’ the Nits Department…

    If the Litewka is all muddied up… why aren’t the pants & boots..?

    Just askin’…

    • Martin said

      Well, the boots are muddy it’s just the overalls I haven’t done. I dunno, it’s just that there was something nice about the grey of the overalls with the black of their leather reinforcements that I didn’t want to paint over with mud.

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