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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Not exactly flying along

Posted by Martin on April 4, 2010

Horse artillery work plodding along.

Horse artillery work plodding along.

I still hold hopes that the Easter break will give me the chance to make significant progress with my Prussian horse artillery figures. Though, at present, I don’t feel as though I’m going at full pace. Still, I think this is more than slightly due to getting the rust out of my system having not painted much for a while.

The picture above shows progress so far. Three of the figures have now had their collars cuffs and shoulder straps addressed. That’s mainly work with the red palette now including Vallejo Carmine Red (70908) which is fast becoming a favourite with me. The casualty figure is not a member of the horse artillery but rather a landwehr infantryman that I’ll be adding to spice up the basing. He’s from a Kurmark regiment, hence the red collar and cuffs but the yellow shoulder straps indicate that he is a member of the third battalion of the regiment.

I’ve got some biggish bases (100mm x 60mm) on order from Litko to give me room for artistic basing effects like the above casualty, abandoned drums, rock outcrops and damaged walls. I asked Barry H. what size he uses for his Republic to Empire artillery bases and he said 80mm deep x 60mm wide plus additional bases to represent the artillery park. So I’ve tweaked that slightly and my artillery park bases (if I ever do them) will be 20mm less deep than Barry’s to balance up things.

One figure (the NCO aiming the gun) has advanced a lot further than the rest with his litewka painted up along with most of his strapping and his cavalry overalls. I had harboured hopes that I’d be able to take a few liberties with the overalls and perhaps paint the leather reinforcements in a red-brown colour. But Peter F. has confirmed what I already suspected: all illustrations of Prussian overalls show them with black leather reinforcements so I’ve resisted temptation and stuck to historical precedent.

I’ll probably finish this chap in the next painting session – only his boots, hands and sword/scabbard to go plus the judicious addition of some mud. Now about that scabbard – it should mostly be white metal but I am tempted by some yellow metal fittings given that he is an NCO.


8 Responses to “Not exactly flying along”

  1. Alan said

    Nice work, they’re coming on well. I’ve been out all day but if it rains tomorrow……..

  2. Very classy … as usual (mutter mutter). 8O)

    The blue seems quite vivid to my mind for a Prussian Blue. Am I wrong OR is my monitor fooling me OR is this a scaling of the blue for the 28mm figure OR is there more work to do on the blue OR some other explanation?

    von Peter himself, hoping he doesn’t come across as a rude/blunt antipodean! 8O))

    • Martin said

      Good observation. I think the brightness of the blue is a function of my modest photography skills. It certainly looks too bright for Prussian blue in the photo but the blue is darker in real life.

      • Well that sure is a relief!! 8O))

        Photography is strictly a hit and miss thing for me. Blue seems to often be a problem colour for some mysterious reason which leaves me totally in the dark.

        I’m looking forward to further progress reports on your horse artillery, Peter F’s adventures and Salute .

        von Peter himself

  3. Phil said

    Nice. What do you stick your figures down with while you are painting them?

  4. archiduquerpc said

    Excellent work Martin!!!

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