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Sometimes you can be too lucky

Posted by Martin on April 1, 2010

Like many of you, I subscribe the Foundry Miniatures e-mail newsletter. So you can imagine how pleased I was to receive an e-mail this morning telling me that I was one of

“A restricted number of valued customers who have been selected at random from our database to receive the offer of a 20% discount on anything they buy from our website between now and 6th April 2010.”

The funny thing is that I’m subscribed to the Foundry newsletter twice with two different e-mail addresses. And it turns out that I’m one of the “restricted number of valued customers” twice over. Hmmm.

Now either I’m genuinely lucky or there’s a surprisingly large number of other lucky people out there. I wonder just how lucky I am and how restricted the number is.

I’d be curious to know if you’ve received something similar.

UPDATE 2/4/2010: Strangely, in the less-than-24 hours since I published this post, I’ve only heard from people who have been as “valued” as me. I’d really like to know if there are any subscribers to the Foundry newsletter who have not received this offer.

14 Responses to “Sometimes you can be too lucky”

  1. Matthew Coles said


    I receive the foundry newsletter on two different email addresses, and get the same offer on both emails, because I don’t buy anything from them now I just press the delete button.

  2. Emil said

    Martin, seems I’ve been as lucky as you. :O

  3. Phil said

    We’re all lucky.

  4. Clarence said

    I got one of those e-mails too…

  5. Peter Royle said

    You will never guess, me too!

  6. Robert said

    Seems like the Foundry has more lucky customers than Jeramiah Ngombo has terminally-ill cousins in the Nigerian Oil Ministry.

  7. Harry the Elder said

    Bummer… I didn’t get one.

    Of course, you probably need to be on the mailing list, huh?

  8. Where’s mine?!

    von Peter himself, oppressed Kiwi

  9. Gaz said

    Well maybe Tom Champagne is working for them now?

  10. Alan said

    I think it’s called marketing. Why the fuss? When this excellent site turns to what looks like “Foundry Bashing” then I start to wonder what’s going on…No-one is forced to buy their figures, no-one needs to stay on the mailing list. Is there nothing better to write about?

  11. John M. said

    guess what I got one too and the month before that, now if they dropped the postage Id buy loads more, Martin has Peter got his paypal link up yet

    John M

    • Martin said

      John, we’ve had a test version of PayPal set up for quite a while now but the whole saga with the vulcanizer has meant that we haven’t had time to do the final testing to enable us to put it live.

      I think the vulcanizer troubles are nearly over so I hope we’ll be able to sort out the PayPal stuff soon. Peter F. and I will probably chew over these things the next time we get together, which I expect to be at Salute.

    • Craig Worsley said

      I received 2 such very generous offers also. If only the claim that it is post free were true, it would be truely wondrous. Alas down here in Australia they seem to have a completely different price structure.

      At least here in Australia we have the Trade Practices Act.


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