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Andrea paint sets tutorial series

Posted by Martin on January 31, 2010

I picked up something interesting from a post over on Steve Dean’s forum. A man called Dave Youngquist of the Michigan Toy Soldier Company has started a video tutorial series on YouTube about using the Andrea paint sets. Now that’s obviously of interest to me because I’ve been experimenting with the white set for a while. But it’s also got some other added areas of interest like Dave’s use of Da Vinci brushes and various aspects of his techniques. So I’ve embedded Part One of the series below and I’ll embed the following parts as things go along.

The tutorial uses a figure in a much larger scale than the 28mm of interest to most BfKer’s but things like the consistency of the paint, the way Dave holds the figure and all sorts of little tips he throws is as he goes along are worthy of attention.

On a tangent, this whole business of YouTube video tutorials and SBS’s really intruiges me. Nowadays, anybody with a mobile phone can record something and upload it to YouTube for the whole world to see. But it’s a long way from the simple act of doing so to producing something of real quality on an amateur budget with affordable equipment. I reckon that Dave has done a good job here and I’m going to be following the rest of the series.

Lastly, to avoid any confusion, I can’t take any credit for this tutorial and any intellectual property rights belong to Dave and his colleagues.


8 Responses to “Andrea paint sets tutorial series”

  1. Gaz said

    Good videos, but I could do with more close-ups as he paints the figure. Still, for a non pro job it’s very good and the actual listing of the mixes is really useful.
    I think you could use his technique more or less as is on something like a Front rank figure which has very good facial detail. Just for command figures though. It’d take a lifetime to paint the rank and file that way. Having just acquired a few front Rank WSS figures, I might give it a go.


  2. Alan said

    I watched the videos and found them very interesting and inspirational. Good insight into colour mixing and blending, particularly faces. Thanks for posting it Martin.

  3. John said

    Glad u found it useful Martin I posted at steves but went down like the titanic,
    ps the whites are awesome


    • Martin said

      Don’t be disheartened. Only one person on that SD Forum thread seemed to have anything negative to say and I didn’t think their comment was valid. Perhaps they should wait until they’ve tried to do something like this themselves before they throw stones.

  4. Cyrille Monnet said

    Very interesting, thank you for sharing.

  5. grecian1959 said

    guys who supplies andrea paints-is it US only or any in UK ,cheers Peter

  6. […] I can find on the Net, and recently came across reference to a great tutorial series on YouTube in a post on Befreiungskriege 1813-14.  If you’re considering switching to Andrea paints, or just giving a set or two a try, the […]

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