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Hot off the presses

Posted by Martin on January 22, 2010

Wargames Illustrated 268

Wargames Illustrated 268

E-mail tonight from Dan at Wargames Illustrated to tell me that Issue 268 is printed. As if you’ve forgotten, that’s the issue that contains my long-in-the-gestation article about collecting a late Napoleonic Prussian wargaming army. Dan’s dropping a copy of the magazine in the post to me and I just can’t wait to see what the finished article looks, smells and tastes like. Let me know if you see it before me!

Oh yeah, and there are some other articles in this issue. Something vague about Operation Market Garden, an interview with somebody or the other and a few reviews of some non-descript books and miniatures. Did I mention my article? 🙂 More seriously, there is another item of interest to BfK readers: a review of Barry’s Republic to Empire rules.

8 Responses to “Hot off the presses”

  1. Simon Boulton said

    My copy arrived this morning, the article looks really good, will have a proper read later. Some nice pics of Calpe figures too.
    I’m suprised that WI haven’t done a Napoleonic themed issue yet. We have had a decent number of Napoleonic articles but no dedicated themed issue.

  2. Matthew Coles said


    I had my copy this morning, and it was the first thing I read, it was a great article with some inspiring pictures.I agree with Simon, I can of many themes that WI could do.

  3. Howdies Martin

    My issue 268 is in the mail and will hopefully survive the postal journey – 267 hasn’t and is lost in the world somewhere!! 8O(

    I’m really looking forward to your article and also the review of Republic To Empire. Hopefully the latter will be more than just a cursory overview.

    von Peter himself

  4. Hi Martin,

    I just received WI with your article on Prussian command structure. It is a great article and I quite enjoyed reading it. My only problem now is to decide which brigade to paint.


  5. Harry the Elder said

    Just finished the article. Very enjoyable and informative. As I’m putting the finishing touches on a 28 MM brigade it comes at a helpful time. The info regarding the ad hoc nature of unit use has given me ideas for games to run and unit mix. A couple of things bothered me to a very small degree.
    Did the number of figures in the charts represent the number of battalions/squadrons/batteries represent in each regiment, etc? That was confusing without a legend present.
    What’s with the color (sorry – colour) of the trousers? All my references mention white. Looks good though, I may refinish the 11th IR with them…
    All in all a top notch effort.
    Sorry I haven’t gotten the decals to you yet. I just finished hanging a major exhibition of my photography and will have them in the mail by the end of the month…

    • Martin said

      Hi Harry, good to hear from you! You’ve put your finger on one of those things that happen when you write for a magazine – the author doesn’t get complete control and the charts you mention are an example of that.

      I supplied text lists of the OOBs and Wargames Illustrated made the understandable decision to convert them to charts to make them more visually appealing, which is fair enough. However, they don’t seem to have been consistent about what each figure represents. I’ve made a note to write a clarification post here on BfK.

      As for the trousers: white was the regulation colour for the Summer uniform; grey was regulation at other times of year. Oh, and the painting bits of the article weren’t written by me but were added on by Wargames Illustrated at their end.

      Good luck with your exhibition!

  6. Hello,

    about the article – certainly a nice introduction to the topic. I was enjoying the read.

    Butwhy is there a british flag in the background of the pages?! *shakes his fist in anger* 😉

    Nice regards,
    – Kawe

    • Martin said

      Kawae, I asked the very same question when I saw proofs of the article. Dan at WI told me that it was a policy from HQ in New Zealand that he’d tried to get changed but failed. Apparently a background of a Union flag and a French tricolour is the magazine’s standard one for all Napoleonic articles.

      I share your displeasure – feel free to write a letter of compaint to the magazine.

      Oh, and I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

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