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Forthcoming Saxon artillery book

Posted by Martin on November 23, 2009

I’ve been having an occasional correspondence with Stephen Summerfield over the last couple of months as he’s been putting the final touches to his next book. Over the weekend, I received final publication details from Stephen along with a PDF of some sample pages.

The book is entitled Saxon Artillery 1733-1827 and will be published by Partizan Press, hopefully this coming December though the run-in to Christmas might affect that date. When Stephen started on this book, it was envisaged as an 80-90 page paperback but it has grown into a 216 page hardback monster. The cover blurb reads:

The strong links of Saxony with the Polish crown caused her to become the battleground for the competing powers of Austria, Prussia and Russia for centuries. Efficient artillery was essential but in the 1740s was
neglected due to the prohibitive costs of ordnance and maintaining a standing army. This contributed by the annexation of Saxony by Frederick the Great in 1756 and the absorption of her soldiers into the Prussian Army. The remnants of the Saxon Army fought with distinction with their Austrian and French allies.

This unhappy experience of the Seven Years War (1756-63) led to the M1766 Hoyer system that was first used in the War of Bavarian Succession (1777-78). The gun carriage and elevating system of the M1766 4-pdr Schnellfeuergeschütz regimental gun probably influenced the design of the Austrian M1780 Wurst guns. The M1766 Granadstück based upon the Russian Unicorn was a long barrelled howitzer that could fire an early form of spherical case [Shrapnel].

The 1809 campaign showed the Saxon Army and its ordnance had to be transformed from that suited for 18th Century to Napoleonic warfare. The main influence on the M1810 gun tubes was the French AnXI with the carriages derived from those of the Saxon M1766 Hoyer System. These excellent guns performed well in 1812 and especially at Gross Beeren (23 August 1813) where they dismounted 9 Prussian guns.

The century of Saxon ordnance development is illustrated with 66x 1:24 scale plans, 64x 1:30 scale plans and 64 details drawn from contemporary sources. These are enhanced by 34 photographs, 38 contemporary plates and 32 uniform plates with 78 separate uniforms shown in colour. In addition there are 3 maps, 34 OOBs and 22 tables.

So you can see that the scope of this work is extensive. If the sheer scale of this book and the fact that it covers a period far greater than the Napoleonic wars puts you off purchasing, then there’s another option open to you. Stephen has been working with figure painter Ged Cronin to produce a series of colour plates/plans of Napoleonic Saxon artillery equipment. Some of ther plates are 1:60 scale and some are 1:24 scale and they come with a variety of additional notes and historical uniform plates. Contact Ged for more details.


4 Responses to “Forthcoming Saxon artillery book”

  1. Rob said

    Looking forward to taking a look at this when it is published… Dr. Summerfield’s two books on Prussian Infantry were excellent additions to my library (lots of fantastic detail and full colour plates – my only problems with them were a few small spelling and grammer issues that made it past proofing but they in no way detract from the value of the work as a whole).

    Hopefully Dr. Summerfield will cover the prussian cavalry in similar detail soon!


    • Dear Rob
      Thank you for your kind words. Alas my clipped prose of a scientist are not for everyone. Being dyslexic is no excuse but learning English was the hardest thing I did to obtain a doctorate. I am aware of my failings. Gerard Cronin spent many hours proof reading the text so it is hoped that it is an improvement.


  2. Dear Martin
    The Calpe Saxon Artillery were sculptured from plans that I supplied Peter Firzgerald to 1:60 Scale which is a good approximation to large 28mm figure. He gave me a few months ago the M1810 6-pdr and M1810 8-pdr howitzer models. These match exactly the elevations shown in the 1:60 scale drawings. This scale was not used in my soon to be published book “Saxon Artillery 1733-1827” because the side and plan views were drawn in 1:24 scale (77mm).

    The 1:60 scale drawings printed upon good quality card are aimed at the wargames market and compliment those that will be released by Calpe Models. These 1:60 Scale drawings are also available from Calpe Miniatures.

    Summerfield S. (Oct 2009) “Saxon Ordnance and Vehicles 1810-15”, NGA Ordnance 1 (01) [£10 for 2 plates on 170g card]
    – M1766 4-pdr Schnellfeuergeschutze Regimental gun [elevation]
    – M1766 Grandstuck [elevation]
    – M1810 12-pdr [plan]
    – M1810 6-pdr [elevation]
    – M1810 8-pdr howitzer [elevation]
    – M1810 Limber
    – M1813 Caisson
    + 2 page article upon the ordnance, vehicles and ordnance colour.

    In December 2009, there will be available 1:24 scale drawings with additional information by my esteemed colleague Gerard Cronin upon some actions and the uniforms of the Saxon Foot and Horse Artillery that do not appear in the forthcoming book.

    Cronin G. and Summerfield S. (Nov 2009) “Saxon Foot Artillery 1810-15,” NGA Ordnance 1 (02) [£20 on 5 plates on 170g card]
    – Elevations of the M1810 12-pdr and M1813 Caisson in 1:24 scale plates,
    – M1810 12-pdr gun and 6-pdr elevating system in 1:12 scale plates
    – Uniform plate of a gunner and train soldier by an unknown artist in 1907.
    + 4 article upon the ordnance, vehicles, ordnance colour, an artillery action and uniforms.

    Cronin G. and Summerfield S. (Dec 2009) “Saxon Horse Artillery 1810-15,” NGA Ordnance 1 (03) [£20 for 5 plates on 170g card]
    – Elevations of the M1810 6-pdr and M1810 8-pdr Howitzer in 1:24 scale
    – Plan and elevations of the M1810 Limber in 1:24 scale
    – Plan of the M1813 Caisson plan, in 1:24 scale plates,
    – Plan of the gun positions for a 6-pdr
    – Uniform plate of horse artillery gunner and officer after Sauerweid.
    + 4 page article ordnance, vehicles, ordnance colour, an artillery action and uniforms.


  3. Dear Martin
    The Saxon Artillery 1733-1827 has now been published by Partizan Press and is now available from Caliver Books. I am pleased with the printing and the colours are much better than the Prussian Infantry Book where a couple of the blue had a reddish tinge. The problems of RGB and CMYK conversion which seems to have been sorted out.


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