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Robert Mantle RIP

Posted by Martin on October 29, 2009

I met Peter F. for lunch this week and in amongst our discussion of Calpe Towers topics, he mentioned that he’d received a distressing telephone call from Robert Mantle’s wife saying that he had died recently after an operation. Robert was the author of one of the few books in the English language brave enough to tackle the complex subject of the Prussian Reserve Infantry regiments. That book was published by the Napoleonic Association in the early 1970s, remains a sound reference and the text of it can still be found online.

When I added a link to this text to my Prussian Army Resources page I was surprised and delighted because Robert himself took the time to post a comment there. While we never met in person, I got the distinct impression from those comments of a modest and likeable individual. My condolences go out to Robert’s wife and family.


3 Responses to “Robert Mantle RIP”

  1. Gaz said

    Stunned. After years of admiring his book on the reservists I actually exchanged messages with him on here and was very please with myself. This is really sad news; he seemed such a nice chap.

    I’m sure everyone sends their best wishes to his wife and family.

    Very sad.

  2. Not that I knew Robert but it is always sad to loose a kindred spirit. Especially one who has benefited so many of us in the hobby – and I’m definitely including myself in this case – by their actions.


    von Peter himself

  3. Yet another of those who opened our eyes to the complexity and colour in the Prussian Army has passed away. A sad loss. It was his book that started me on the odessy of research into this Army.


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