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A game of musical figures

Posted by Martin on October 8, 2009

At some point in the next day or two I’m going to remove the link to The Assault Group and replace it with one to Alban Miniatures. Why? Well, rest assured, it’s not because I’ve had a tiff with the boys at TAG. Nope, rather it’s because TAG has just sold its Richard Ansell-sculpted range of Napoleonic 1809 Austrians and Saxons to Alban, so they won’t any longer have anything of relevance to BfK in their product range.

To be honest, this change ownership doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me. Progress on new releases for the range has been painfully slow and the fact that Ansell also scuplts Napoleonic figures for Alban makes this a natural move. I wish all concerned a fruitful future.

Perry French Imperial Guard horse artillery greens

Perry French Imperial Guard horse artillery greens

Perry French line horse artillery greens

Perry French line horse artillery greens

Meanwhile, one range that seems to keep growing faster than a weed in a compost heap is the Perry Napoleonic range. The latest additions are set to be French horse artillery of both the line and Imperial Guard varieties. I do have a soft-spot for artillery, especially if the crews offer a good range of poses and all those little extras like caissions are covered. I’ve included a couple of shots of the greens for your enjoyment.

Of course, I’ll be resisting this particular temptation because Calpe Saxon artillery is on my horizon.

3 Responses to “A game of musical figures”

  1. Simon Boulton said

    The Perry horse artillery do look rather nice and I think I’m going to have to add a battery of them to my French army, will try and resist the temptation to get the Guard horse artillery though, lovely though they are.

  2. Alan said

    These guard artillery will also convert to earlier line by changing heads to versions with shakos and adding epaulettes from milliput or “green stuff”. No-one else does the French horse artillery in the campaign habit coat as far as I know.

    Martin, do you know if there are going to be any more figure poses apart from the ones illustrated?

    • Martin said

      Alan, I don’t know for sure but if you look at the rest of the Perry French range you can see that the precedent is for there to be more than one pack for each artillery type. For example, there’s FN17 Foot Artillery Firing, FN18 Foot Artillery Loading, FN19 Foot Artillery Priming and FN21 Extra Foot Artillery Crew, not to mention the FN20 “hired help” pack.

      So my guess is that we’ll see more French horse artillery sets from the Perrys.

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