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Another update to Prussian Resources Page

Posted by Martin on September 11, 2009

Standard bearer 2nd Silesian regiment (IR11)

Standard bearer 2nd Silesian regiment (IR11)

Just a short note to say that I’ve started adding images of the Sturm cigarette cards created by Herbert Knötel and Martin Lezius. Last night I had initially thought it would be a relatively quick and simple job. That was before I realised just how many cards there were in the full set – 84 of them. And that’s just the Prussians! There are some Saxons too.

So I made a start by adding the ones for the line and reserve infantry regiments. Hopefully, I’ll gradually add all the rest over the next week or so.

2 Responses to “Another update to Prussian Resources Page”

  1. The Sturm cards are quite a resource, thanks for posting them.


  2. Peter B. said

    Thanks for posting these Martin, looking forward to your article in Wargames Illustrated.

    P.S. Have you seen the Saxon Battalion posted on the Steve Dean Forum – very nice.

    Pete B.

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