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“Events, dear boy”

Posted by Martin on September 10, 2009

This weekend sees another key date in the annual wargaming calendar – Colours at Newbury Racecourse. This is a regular in my diary and I’ve enjoyed it all the more since it moved away from the cramped and difficult-to-park-at Hexagon in Reading. For me, getting there on Sunday (I don’t go to the Saturday of this two-dayer) is a simple drive East along the A4 and the parking at the Racecourse is free.

So I’ll be sitting down to compile my shopping / to-do list tonight though it will be hampered by the fact that the Colours website yet again doesn’t (at the time of writing) have an up-to-date list of traders or demo games. It’s only two days to the show, guys, surely you could manage to make this information available by now?

Still, that’s a minor gripe and, more importantly, I’ll be meeting up as usual with Peter F. So that gives us an opportunity to pick up the Calpe threads after our Summer breaks. We’ve got several things on the agenda: completion of the PayPal functionality for the website, progress on the next Saxon releases and a weekend of sculpting tutorials and mould-making later in the Autumn. If any of you are attending Colours and want to see what a painted Calpe Saxon musketeer battalion looks like, I suggest you check out the painting competition because Peter F. is almost certain to enter a little something.

The other imminent event that’s caught my attention is the latest Foundry open day on 25th September. Plenty of juiciness to this with the presence of Kevin Dallimore (lovely chap) doing a painting clinic and a couple of big Napoleonic participation games. The trouble is there’s a snowball in hell’s chance of me (and I suspect many others) going. Why? Well, apart from a long journey to Nottingham (which Foundry can’t help) they’ve persisted with the lunacy of holding the open day on a Friday. Are they quite mad? Why can’t they schedule it for a weekend?

Lastly, on a personal note, another event I’d like to mention is that tomorrow von Peter and his family end their eight month sojourn in the UK and begin a stately passage back to their home in New Zealand. It’ll take them quite a while to get there because they’re taking in a grand tour of mainland Europe on the way. So I’d just like to take a moment to wish them bon voyage and thank them for their good company and coffee-buying heroics while they’ve been here.

UPDATE 12/9/09: there is now a list of traders on the Colours website but it’s not linked to from the home page (or rather the link there doesn’t work).

7 Responses to ““Events, dear boy””

  1. Rob said

    Living in North america, I always get a twinge of jealousy when I read about these events in the uk that seem to pop of every other weekend or so 🙂

    Moving beyong that, here’s hoping that if there is a Peter F painted Saxon battalion, you have your camera handy!

    Have fun,

  2. Hussarbob said

    I’d rather you didn’t talk about Colours as I can’t get there this year!! Another retail therapy opportunity lost! Ah well, I will just have to stock up via internet 😦

  3. hussarbob said

    Alas no….and I am sulking about the whole thing!

  4. Phil said


    whatever you do, don’t look at the steve dean forum painting board and Ioannis’ gorgeously painted Saxon regiment….

  5. von Peter himself calling in from Nevşehir, Cappadocia in Anatolia, Turkey … I think! Yes, extremely bad timing leaving a couple of days before Colours. Typical of my military planning sadly. 8O)

    I’m looking forward to a full report from Colours – and all the other shows – with pictures and everything.

    And thanks for your kind words and for taking me under your wing. I enjoyed our chats and activities and you haven’t heard the end of me yet!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

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