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New Republic to Empire preview

Posted by Martin on August 27, 2009

Republic to Empire

Republic to Empire

I’m back from my holidays and delighted to find that Barry and Clarence have released a 12-page 10Mb PDF preview of the Republic to Empire rules. Current expectation is that the finished version will be available in the Autumn.

This is just a quick interim post to bring you the news – I haven’t even read the PDF yet. I’ll add more here once I’ve had a chance to digest it!

4 Responses to “New Republic to Empire preview”

  1. Rob said

    Welcome Back!

    I was quite impressed with the layout of the Republic to Empire pages, a very appealing presentation. Given this and the previous pdf’s, I’m very tempted to pick this one up.


  2. I haven’t read it in detail but agree that it’s all very pretty. It’s all but certain that I shall obtain a copy.

    von Peter himself, collector of rules

  3. Phil said

    On a completely unrelated note – I’m thinking about setting up a blog like this one. What did you use to do it? Is it a toolset that comes with wordpress, or is it all just done online?


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