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Don’t you just love e-mail?

Posted by Martin on July 18, 2009

Well, sometimes…

And last night was one of those sometimes because I got a couple of messages that made my day.

The first message was from Grahame Black (of GMB flags fame) to let me know that he’s completed work on flags for all eight 1811-15 Saxon line infantry regiments and he’s now working on the ones for the Lieb Grenadiers and researching the old 1802 flags (some of which were issued to battalions in 1813 as replacements for those lost in Russia in 1812). Each pack contains two flags: a Leibfahne and an Ordinarfahne. The Leibfahne was on a white background carried by the first battalion of the regiment; the Ordinarfahne was on a background in the regimental colour carried by the second battalion of the regiment. Other details of these flags and their histories are complex and sometimes disputed so I’ll save them for another time. In fact, Grahame says in his e-mail that he’s going to send me samples for review, so that’ll be the ideal time for me to go into all that.

The second message came from Dan at Wargames Illustrated to say that he’s checked over the article I’ve written for him about collecting a late Prussian Napoleonic wargames army and he’s really pleased with it. I’m basking in the glowing comments he’s sent me and I can’t resist quoting him here (sorry but it’s not every day you get sent something like this):

“It’s a great fully rounded read that manages to cover all aspects of a complex issues i.e. army structure, command and toy soldiers – everything a potential Prussian gamer would be interested in, and no padding.”

There’s more but I think I’ve stroked my own ego quite enough for one Saturday lunchtime. The article is scheduled to appear Issue 264 which will be published in September and the plan is for it to be illustrated with photographs of Peter F’s collection of his own Calpe figures.

4 Responses to “Don’t you just love e-mail?”

  1. Jim Pitts said


    Since I am slowly building von Bulow’s III Korps of the Army of the North for the post 1813 Armistice period, I look forward to obtaining a copy of the WI with your article. Please keep us posted in the issue release date changes.


    • Martin said

      Well, Jim, since I’m building Borstel’s 5th brigade for Autumn 1813, I think you won’t be disappointed by some of the examples I use in the article.

  2. Jim Pitts said

    Since WI #264 has been released without your article in it, I presume that it’s publication has been postponed. Do you have a new publication issue number?


    • Martin said

      Hi Jim – I saw the new issue of WI in W H Smith today and I wasn’t too surprised to see that my article wasn’t included. Dan’s plan was to illustrate the article with photos of Peter F’s collection and I know he hasn’t been to do that photo-shoot yet. Still, I am a little miffed that Dan hasn’t kept me informed and perhaps a little e-mail is in order.

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