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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

I made it!

Posted by Martin on July 1, 2009

I might always miss the painting deadlines I set myself but today I hit the deadline for delivering my Wargames Illustrated article about building a late Napoleonic Prussian wargames army. Dan will be pleased (I hope).

It’s been a bit of an up-and-down experience. Some parts just flowed really easily while others were smelly socks that I kept putting off until the end. I’m glad I made a solid outline plan at the start though otherwise the thing had potential to take on a life of its own. The thing I found hardest was to remember that it’s supposed to be an introductory article which brought two challenges. Firstly, I couldn’t assume the reader has familiarity with terms and facts that I take for granted. Secondly, and almost an opposite consideration, I had to resist the temptation of going off into too much detail in any specific area.

So I hope I’ve struck a balance – I’m sure Dan will tell me if he wants any changes plus I’ve asked Peter F. to cast an eye over it so I know I’ll get some useful expert feedback from that direction. All being well, the article is still scheduled to appear in the September 2009 issue.

If that works out, I’m going to try to tempt Dan with an analogous article about the Saxon army.

One Response to “I made it!”

  1. Great stuff Martin. Most (all?) of the hobby magazines rely on such contributions to stay alive. You make me hang my head in shame.

    Though I’ll be upset if you show up any flaws with my Prussians!! 8O)

    von Peter himself

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