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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

Nearly there

Posted by Martin on June 11, 2009

Preview of the shopping cart on the Saxons musketeers page.

Preview of the shopping cart on the Saxons musketeers page.

Over the last couple of evenings, we’ve knocked off a couple more of the changes and updates to the Calpe website that fall out of the release of the new Saxon figures.

The most noticeable change is that the navigation area at the top of the page has been modified to include a drop-down list of links to details of each figure range. The reason for this is that it’s much more scalable as Peter F. releases new sets of Saxons. Now, to go alongside that, I’ve added a small sitemap page so that search engines can still crawl their way to all the pages and index them. We don’t want people to be unable to find Calpe Miniatures when they google!

Lastly, Peter F. and I have sorted out almost all of the configuration issues for the shopping cart, so that we can add it to the Saxon Musketeers page. Now that isn’t live yet but I have added a little screen shot here to give you a flavour of what it’ll be like. And that just leaves addition of the Saxon musketeers/grenadiers painting guide and a rewrite of the “how to order” page to cover online ordering with the shopping cart.

4 Responses to “Nearly there”

  1. Martin,

    On the bottom of each page is the address and e-mail for Calpe – although it is the “old” e-mail address. Please ensure that this gets updated as I have used that in the past to send an order. It is very easy when looking at the list of figures to hit that link rather than going back to the front page and get the correct address.


  2. Rob said

    Great news… any timeline for the painting guide as I’m itching to get started on my Saxons.

  3. Frank Catinella said

    The new aditions to the site are most welcome, although I will continue ordering via email as this allows me to bombard Peter with questions. Slightly off topic I know, but I received my first Saxons today and they are v impressive in the flesh. I too await the painting guide and I am itching to start. but any (short) delay is okay as I really want to finish my purchased Prussians first.

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