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Official release of first Calpe Saxons

Posted by Martin on June 1, 2009

Tonight I made an update to the home page of the Calpe Miniatures website that I’ve been waiting to do for almost two years. After many trials and tribulations, Peter F. has officially released the first set in his new range of 1813 Saxons. It’s line infantry musketeers in march-attack pose and comprises 15 different packs totalling 51 different figure variants. That’s why fans of Calpe love the range so much and are prepared to wait for the very best quality.

As usual, I’m not going to repeat Peter’s announcement in full – you can read it for yourselves. But I do want to highlight a couple of things. Firstly, Peter’s mentioned his new PayPal merchant account and the fact that we’ll be adding shopping cart functionality to the site. We’ve got a few configuration decisions to make so bear with us if it takes a few weeks to deploy this. The plan is to start with the Saxons and, assuming all goes well, gradually roll it out to the Prussian range. During that work, I’ll also be adding a Saxon-specific section to the site and that’s where the photographs Peter mentions will go. Secondly, note the news of the painting guide – if you plan to paint a Saxon army, then you’ll need this because published research in the English langauge is scarce and often inaccurate.

We’ve taken on board feedback about people wanting more photos, so there’ll be front and rear pictures for each of the 15 sets! So, finally, since I realize it’ll take a little while to put all those photos on the Calpe website, it seems only fair for me to preview a few of them here as a special treat.

Pack SM7B - drummer, standard bearer and sapper with calfskin shako covers

Pack SM7B - drummer, standard bearer and sapper with calfskin shako covers

Pack SM8 - NCOs in covered shakos

Pack SM8 - NCOs in covered shakos

Pack SM9 - Officers in blue-grey surtouts

Pack SM9 - Officers in blue-grey surtouts

I picked out these ones because they illustrate some of the distinctive features of Saxon infantry of the period. In particular the use of calfskin shako covers and the colourful pale blue-grey (well, they would be if these were painted figures) surtouts often worn by officers. In fact, officers sometimes also wore overalls in the same shade with the outside seam piped in the regimental facing colour. But more of that on another day.


14 Responses to “Official release of first Calpe Saxons”

  1. Glen said

    As I think we all suspected well worth waiting for. More superb quality from the very talented hands of Peter F. This is however very bad, I have a very tight painting programme in preparation for the next Devizes Napoleonic weekend game, I suppose I could fit at least one or two units in……. will power, what will power just one look at those figures and I was diving for the pen and paper to work out an order!


  2. Jeremy said

    Well it may havebeen a long wait but the frw figures shown look like it was worth it –

  3. Brilliant!

    von Peter himself

  4. Rob Kenny said

    Fantastic news! And the new figures look smashing, especially the officers.

    Also, I’m glad to see that the painting guide is in the works…. Hopefully we’ll see more news of it at the end of the week.


    PS: Any further thoughts on the andrea paints? I’m interested in seeing how they turn outonce they are applied to a miniature.

    • Martin said

      I’m test driving the Andrea paints at the moment but I appear to have lost a couple of evenings to processing stuff for the new Calpe Saxons. Tough luck, eh? Still, I will be posting more about my experiences with these paints. With photos. Promise.

  5. Phil said

    Man, I hate it when really nice figures reach the market. I’ve said all along I don’t need any of these (but am very glad Peter is doing them). Now that I see them, I feel the NEED index rising. These are really gorgeous!

  6. Randy said

    Simply put magnificent. I can see my next major project will be Saxons. While technically speaking they’re a bit late for my period of interest, I’m pretty sure the uniform nazis will be too busy admiring the figures to notice the difference…

  7. Robert said

    Wonderful news and really nice miniatures! The ability to order directly online via PayPal makes it very convenient too.

    It looks like they’ll fit in well with the rest of my Front Rank collection. Having the white uniforms set off by light blue surtouts really appeals to me!

  8. Sparker said

    At long last, but well worth the wait!

  9. Phil said

    I hate this hobby….

  10. Sparker said

    Well, I have just put in my telephone order with Peter F at Calpe for some Saxons and straight away my ignorance in matters Saxon became clear! I have put myself in Peter’s hands for him to sort out 3 x 32 man Bn’s for me – pretty good service, a bit like having a professional shopper! I shall read the painting and organisation guide with interest!

  11. Phil said

    These are so close to the French, I don’t see why he doesn’t just make French versions of them.

  12. Peter Royle said

    Fantastic, these figures are going to be an absolute pleasure to paint

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