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Foundry Napoleonic developments

Posted by Martin on May 14, 2009

New Foundry 1806 Prussian fusiliers

New Foundry 1806 Prussian fusiliers

I expect quite a few other people are subscribers to the Wargames Foundry e-mail newsletter like me. The latest one hit my in-box today and it had me bemused. They’ve just announced the latest extensions to their range of Napoleonics sculpted by Mike (no, definitely not Perry) Percy – more early Prussians. Plus yet another rather unsubtle teaser for their forthcoming and er… imaginatively titled “Napoleon” Napoleonic ruleset.

That’s all fairly non-controversial and if you’re into that period of the Prussian army, the figures may merit a closer look though, if they’re like Percy’s earlier Portuguese sculpts, then they’re not to my taste. No, the thing that has me scratching my head is the rumour about what’s coming next. Now, fair enough, it is only rumour so we shouldn’t set too much store by it but…

The next two releases are alleged to be 1809 Saxons and 1805 Russians. This seems an odd combination to me. I guess 1805 Russians could still be used for 1807 but how much of the remnants of the Prussian army fought in that campaign? So those two ranges don’t really complement each other. Also, the Russians were no-shows for 1809, weren’t they? So how does doing 1809 Saxons fit with that? Or is this classic Foundry spoiling tactics to steal a march on the Assault Group ranges of 1809 Saxons and Austrians? Oh, as an aside, check out the latest sculpts of Austro-Hungarian hussars for that range (you may need to register with the TAG forum first).

Perhaps Foundry are just aiming to provide a variety of French opponents but it seems more like a WTF range than a WF one.

5 Responses to “Foundry Napoleonic developments”

  1. Robert said

    Can’t speak for the Austrians, but L’Estoq’s small Corps fought alongside the Russians in 1807 in the Eylau campaign.

    Both Prussians and Russians would have been wearing the uniforms of 1805/06. I’ve often wanted to do a contingent from both armies, but the only alternative I know of in 28mm was Elite, and I have never gotten on with painting them.

    I know Foundry tend to get it in the teeth these days, and I am no fan of the company due to their obscene pricing system for overseas orders. But to their credit, at least they ARE doing the earlier Napoleonic period, which few others out there do. The wargaming world is awash in 1815 and Peninsular War models.

    While I agree that while he is no lost Perry twin, I can’t help but feel the sculptor has been getting a bad rap somewhat unfairly in some quarters. Experience is a good teacher; I remember the early Perry figures from their old, old Dark Ages range for Citadel back in the early ’80s. A far cry from what they are capable of now. And to be fair I remember the first Front Rank models, and even the early Perry efforts with their Dark Ages range for Citadel (Rafm in Canada) back in the early eighties. Quite a lot less attractive than their current offerings. Everyone has a learning curve, and it is unfortunate that Mike Percy is starting out 28mm with Foundry.

    The problem is that by charging premium prices, the Foundry by extension set up premium expectations for quality, and Mike Percy gets the heat. If his figures were at or below market prices, people would be saying “nice sculpts, if not the best out there”.

    But I could live with these, seeing as neither the Perry twins, Peter Fitzgerald or Alec Brown are about to release an early Napoleonic Wars range any time soon. It’s just that damn Foundry postage…

  2. Alan said

    Yes, the Foundry postage is extortionate but, like Robert, I welcome their release of earlier Napoleonic figures. The 1805 Russians will go very well with the helmeted Austrian ranges that Foundry already do and will make it possible to recreate the 1805 campaign with properly uniformed soldiers of that period.

    1809 Saxons will be a long overdue addition as foundry already make Bavarians from that period, these two nations providing the largest single German contingents in Napoleon’s army that year. The Saxons fielded approx 24,000 men and 60 guns, Bavarians 33,000 and 90 guns. The Saxon army formed IX Corps of the Grand Armee and were present at Wagram.

    1805, 1806, 1807 and 1809 are all fascinating campaigns and I have always been interested to find out how the Prussians would have fared against Napoleon if they had been properly led in 1806. L’Estoq’s small contingent at Eylau certainly showed their mettle!

  3. de Burgo said

    I agree. These mid-napoleonic campaigns were some of the most fascinating contests, in extreme conditions. While the period of 1813 – 1815 fielded some of the largest armies to be seen, they only represented two years of the entire Napoleonic Wars, that started in the 1790’s. I have always had a facination of the 1809 campaign, as this fielded a large contingent of armies from the Confederation of the Rhine, and to my mind, represented a transitional period where somearmies were finally adopting modern unfiforms and tactics. As a result you have some armies in their new modern field uniforms, but a whole host of the Rhinebund armies still sporting uniforms that had graced the fields of eurpoe since the Seven Year wars.

  4. Phil said

    What do 1809 Saxons look like anyway? Is there anything else I can use them for? I need Baden troops for 1813.
    And Hesse-Darmstadters also.

  5. Bart said

    Mr. Percy’s output for Foundry do not appeal to my personal tastes, but in general they are not bad figures IMO. I am happy to see a company releasing figures for periods other than the peninsula or Waterloo for a change.

    The catch for me is that since they are being marketed by Foundry, they are charging astronomical prices for figures that fall below the bar they set for themselves with their previous releases. Foundry puts the screws to US customers who order direct from them, charging $2.86 USD per figure. This is insane when I can get the latest output from Perry miniatures for $1.54 USD each, and they are superior figures IMO.

    I would like to see one of the other large manufacturers besides Foundry or Front Rank tackle Russians or Austrians. I would love to see Calpe tackle one of these, but I suspect that is a (very) long time in the future.

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