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Saxon army resources update

Posted by Martin on May 3, 2009

The web is a transitory thing and sometimes places I provide links to from here disappear overnight, never to be seen again. This usually happens to personal sites of gamers and painters but it can also happen to more “official” sites. So, with that in mind, I’ve started to save local copies of many of the uniform plates I link to from BfK and I’m also going to put copies of these plates here as a sort-of back-up location in case the original sources disappear.

I’ve begun this process on my Saxon Army Resources page with the Knötel and Augsburg plates. Later, I’ll add the Sauerweid plates. Doing this has also spurred me on to thinking about setting up a Prussian Army Resources page (especially given that I’m now in the process of writing my article for Wargames Illustrated). Beyond that, I’m also considering construction of a Württemberg Army Resources page. If you think the Saxon army is poorly covered in books published in the English language, you should spare a moment for anybody interested in the Württembergers. There’s never even been an Osprey Men-at-Arms for them.

BTW, if the Osprey people are reading (and I know you do sometimes), I’d be interested in helping you update the old Saxon Men-at-Arms (you’re going to pick up sales soon with at least three figure manufacturers working on Saxon ranges for different periods of the Napoleonic Wars) and I’d also be interested in helping you put together a Württembergers Men-at-Arms (it is the glaring omission from the sequence of “Napoleon’s German Allies” books, after all).


3 Responses to “Saxon army resources update”

  1. de Burgo said

    I agree 100% Martin, Würrtemburgers were part of the “Big Four” as Bruce Quarrie once noted. With the other three being Westphalia, Bavaria and Saxony.

  2. All good stuff Martin. I had noticed the Knotel plates starting to appear on your Saxon Army Resources page as I was using that very same page to help me paint a Saxon. As a BIG bonus as it is much simpler when the images are nicely displayed in the one place. A definite improvement.

    Of course now that you are insulating yourself and your site from vanishing links syndrome should we all do something similar to protect ourselves? What would we do if the unthinkable should happen to Befreiungskriege 1813-14 (the Lord preserve me for even thinking such a thing!) ? 8O)

    More seriously – do you think that one of the superior miniature manufacturers out there might move in the direction of the Würrtemburgers at some stage in the future.

    von Peter himself

  3. Rob Kenny said

    Just a vote of support for an update to the MAA saxony book… I’d love to see it get updated!

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