Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

The study continues

Posted by Martin on April 12, 2009

And blanket roll

And blanket roll

Surtout/boot tops

Surtout/boot tops

Front view

Front view

Left to right shots showing progress with my study. I’ve posted the leftmost one before but it’s included again as a reference point. Centre one shows trivial work on the leather tops of the boots but is mainly about the light blue surtout. This is Prussian Blue (V965) basecoat, then Medium Blue (V963), Deep Sky Blue (V844) and finally a touch of Sky Blue (V961).

The rightmost shot is simply the addition of painting the grey blanket roll. Mostly metalwork and hands left to complete this first study.


6 Responses to “The study continues”

  1. Alan said

    Very striking Martin! Those pesky skirmishers will have a good target won’t they? I wonder if the Saxons lost a lot of officers…?

  2. Martin said

    Well, bright uniforms like this do make a good target, Alan, but skirmisher musket fire was terribly inaccurate so I reckon any Saxon officer being hit that way could count himself as unlucky. Remember that the theatre of war for Saxons in 1813 was, well, Saxony. I think it might have been a different matter if they’d had to face the rifle-armed 95th in the Peninsular.

    Also, not all officers chose to wear the surtout. Many would have been clothed in the habit veste of their regiment which would have made them harder to pick out at distance.

  3. Andrew Brentnall said

    A beautiful piece of painting – but where has this information about a light blue surtout been all my life? I have never seen or heard of it before – which is a pity as it is really striking. Was it just for one campaign, or confined to some regiments? Sorry for my ignorance!


  4. Martin said

    Thanks for the comments, Andrew. The light blue surtout is peculiar to Saxony. More details will follow when the Calpe figures get released but in the meantime, this Knotel plate shows an example.

    • Martin said

      Oh, and I forgot to add that Peter Bunde’s respected collection of uniform plates also show the light blue surtout as a option for officers of Saxon regiments in 1813.

  5. Phil said

    Hey, don’t forget, the prussian shutzen had rifled muskets. They’d love these guys.

    These are really striking, and I particularly like the effect with the top of the boots.

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