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Tweeting from Salute

Posted by Martin on March 26, 2009

At the start of the year I mentioned that I might try out some new interactive things on BfK. One of the ideas I had was to include postings (or “tweets”, as they’re known) from the BfK Twitter account. Now, it’s not something I intend to do regularly because, frankly, there would be long periods where I had nothing to say on Twitter that’s hobby related. However, on a day like Saturday when I’ll be at Salute, it’ll be good fun to tweet a lot and have it show up here.

For that idea to work, a couple of technological things had to fall into place. And I’m delighted to say that, in the nick of time, they have. So now I should be able to text tweets from my mobile phone to to the Bfk Twitter account and they’ll show up in the Twitter Updates panel in the left hand column here on BfK central.

If you want to follow the Bfk Twitter account using your own favourite Twitter client, then all you need to know is that the username is befreiungskrieg.


3 Responses to “Tweeting from Salute”

  1. Watching the twitters eagerly – at least until I hit the sack in a few mintues. Jealous, envious, green I am …

  2. Matthew Coles said

    I attended Salute for the first time and I can say I enjoyed it, two games that did stand out for were the Perrys Quatre Bras demo and the two fat lardies 1st world war (this isn’t a period that I have interest in from a wargaming view.) I even enter the painting competition with a battery of Prussian Horse artillery. I had no trouble with transport all the trains were on time and then I came home and still the read the twitters

  3. Martin said

    Roly, Matthew, thanks for the comments. The tweeting didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped but I’ll explain more about that when I post my full Salute report later today.

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