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Putting my keyboard where my mouth is

Posted by Martin on March 23, 2009

Last month I devoted a posting to nostagia and speculation concerning the future of Wargames Illustrated. Then I mused about whether the change of ownership would be a new dawn or dying embers.

Since then, things have moved on and the new regime has acted fast to kickstart things. They’ve started to reach out an olive branch to parts of the hobby that have had er… “difficult” relationships with the magazine the past and have shown real signs of a new professionalism towards contributors. So, last week I decided that I would have no right to sit and heckle from the sidelines unless I at least made an attempt to do something positive. I picked up the gauntlet laid down by the call for new contributors and dropped an e-mail to Dan Faulconbridge.

After a couple of e-mails back and forth and a productive telephone conversation, I’m delighted to say that Dan has commissioned me to write an article for the magazine. It seems very much as though a moment of synchronicity has occured. One of the areas I suggested I could write about just happened to dovetail precisely with something Dan wanted an article about. Now I’ve got until the start of July to write an article that will appear in the September 2009 issue. So this is where the hard part begins – I’ve actually got to research, plan and write the darned thing!

The reason for mentioning it here isn’t as some grandiose ego trip (though I can see how you might be mistaken for thinking so). Nope, it’s because I know the topic I’ll be writing about is one dear to the regular BfK readership and this is a great way to do a bit of market research so that I come up with a finished article that hits the spot. The working title is “Building Your Prussian Wargames Force” and the idea is for an article that gives anybody thinking about collecting a late (i.e. 1813-15) Napoloenic Prussian wargames army all the basic details they’d need to know to get started and enjoy the journey.

I’ve already got quite a few ideas for what I’d like to put into the article and I’ve discussed some of these with Dan at WI and I’ve also consulted the oracle at Calpe Towers. But I’m not going to tell you what they are just yet because that would prejudice your opinions. What I’d like to invite you all to do is post your comments here about what your ideal article on this topic would contain.

With luck I’ll be able to satisfy most cravings but I can’t make any promises.


4 Responses to “Putting my keyboard where my mouth is”

  1. Martin,

    I for one thoroughly look forward to your article. Your blog and the Calpe Towers (bow in the general direction) site have me fired up to add Prussians to my collection.

    I’m almost set on the 9th Brigade of III Corps at Ligny/Wavre (Leib Regiment, Russo-Germans, Landwehr), but have not completely decided to forego the 1813/14 period. OOOOooo! Saxons! I think they were originally slated for III Corps, also!

    Again, I look forward to it.


  2. Marco Severino said

    as some of us already know (the demigod at Calpe Towers for instance), I am a bit of a worshipper regarding 1813-15 Prussians, 1813 especially. Mine are from Yorck’s Corps, by the way. What I would like to see catered for in your forthcoming article? First and foremost, organisation and tactics: we are quite well placed with uniforms nowadays, but the organisational and tactical evolution (rather than “French-inspired revolution”, as some people put it)fostered by Boyen, Scharnhorst et al is very much under-treated in “popular literature”, in my own view. Then the moral/cultural background: let’s show the world what really was Befreiungskrieg (both for the good and the bad…)!

  3. paul said

    Just to say that iam a avid reader of your blog,i collect prussians,for many years (A.B)2nd corps 1813.1st and 2nd west prussian regts.
    So i look forward to your article in wargames illustrated.

  4. Sparker said


    I guess the first decision to be made by someone embarking on ‘Befreiungskreig’ is to decide upon which formation to do, unless they are doing all 4 Corps, of course!

    So why not list a few Brigades and give some pros and cons about why they might be good Brigades to do – based on their battle history, interesting Commander, or even their combination of facing colours looks good!

    Kind Regards,


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