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Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

The countdown continues

Posted by Martin on March 21, 2009

By this time next week, I should be tired but happy after returning from the annual pilgrimage to our nation’s capital for our nation’s premier wargames show: Salute 2009. As ever, I try to make a list of things to check out (though I know that other stuff will always distract me on the day itself). Let me mark your cards with a few items that I’m looking forward to:

  • Perry Miniatures: I’ll be attempting to get my paws at the contents of a box of the French plastics – mainly to assess the conversion potential of the spare heads and extra drums. I’ll also be pointing the camera at their Quatre Bras demo game.
  • League of Augsburg: one demo game and one participation game. Not, alas, using David Hilton’s new Republic to Empire rules but rather the quick rules he’s devised to go with the Victrix plastics. Nevertheless, you can expect me to be loitering with intent.
  • The painting competition: now don’t get excited – I’m not entering! No, this’ll be the usual admiration of the work of those who’ve summoned up the time and gumption to get something ready in time.
  • Two 1809 6mm scale demo games: both from the Austrian campaign. Not my scale but I’m hoping to find something to appreciate.
  • TA Miniatures: they do the artillery and equipment pieces for the Perrys. I’m interested to see their work up close and I expect Peter F. will be too.
  • Victrix: what will their French plastics be like?
  • Dom’s Decals: at last an “in person” chance to pick the brains of somebody who knows all the ins and outs of making white decals.

Plus I’ll doubtless wander round all the book sellers, figure manufacturers and paint providers too.

One Response to “The countdown continues”

  1. Simon Boulton said

    Looks like it will be an interesting show, as well as the new French set, Victrix are due to have the 3 ups for the next three sets after the Highlanders. I’m hoping that one of them will be Russians or Austrians.
    The League of Augsburg game should be worth a look and then there’s the Perry Quatre Bras game. There is apparantly much speculation about what the next Perry plastic set will be but all will be revealed in 5 days! Simon

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