Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Painting and modelling 28mm Napoleonic wargaming miniatures

There’s no hiding place on the Web

Posted by Martin on February 11, 2009

We’ve all done things in the past – some that we’re proud of and some that, well, the next bit is probably best left unsaid. The thing is that in this modern age, somebody can expose a person’s previous exploits to the general public without them even knowing about it.

That fate has just befallen Peter F. (but not, I think, in a bad way) and I suspect he doesn’t even know. At least, not until he reads this. And visits The Itinerant Wargamer blog.

Those of us who know Peter well are already aware of his past pre-Calpe sculpting, painting and modelling exploits but for the uninitiated, this is actually a good reminder of his credentials as the foremost sculptor of 28mm Napoleonic Prussians around.

Mind you, I think the description of Peter as “a bit of a nutter” is unwarranted. Dedicated? Yes. A perfectionist? Probably. A nutter? No, no, no!


4 Responses to “There’s no hiding place on the Web”

  1. Robert said

    I’d say the “nutter” claim has some foundation, but in a nice way and that’s because I don’t do Prussians! I do appreciate his brand of “nuttery”, however, and he does redeem himself in my eyes by doing Saxons.

    Heck, we’re ALL of us nutters to people outside the hobby anyway!

  2. Marco Severino said

    Having recently had myself some exchanges of ideas and informations with him, I wouldn’t say that Peter F. is a nutter. I would rather define him as a singularly gifted sculptor and painter, with a scholarly, professional attitude towards research which he readily converts into high-quality miniature-making…all right, getlemen, perhaps I am a nutter myself, although a far-less gifted one…

  3. Alan said

    Any news from Calpe? It’s been more than a year now since the website was updated.

  4. Martin said

    Thanks for you interest, Alan.

    Did you see the news update that Peter F. and I posted on the home page on 17th January 2009 to explain the equipment difficulties that Peter suffered throughout 2008?

    The new equipement is installed and working properly but there have been some design difficulties with tears in the production moulds for the first Saxon release. In e-mail with Peter this last week, he’s told me that those problems have been resolved. That leaves a few details to sort out before the Saxons are formally launched and we can extend the Calpe website to provide details. Plus we’ve got some remedial work to add a missing Prussian command pack.

    Lastly, there’s one other technical change we plan to make to the website. I’d like to be able to make it at the same time as we add the Saxons but it has to be properly tested so it might follow on later.

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