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More Republic to Empire clues

Posted by Martin on February 3, 2009

Just a quick post to say that Barry’s made a second teaser PDF available for free download. This one covers the thorny topic of scales: time, ground (horizontal) and vertical as well as figure ratios. Of course, the natural corollory of talking about scales is to talk about basing sizes and weapons ranges. And Barry doesn’t shirk from giving his fully thought out musings on these topics. There’s also some brief guidance on using the rules for figure scales other than 28mm.

I haven’t had time to do any more than skim through this document tonight but hopefully I’ll be able to read it in more detail and fully digest over the next few days. If I manage that, I’ll post a few more thoughtful observations here.


12 Responses to “More Republic to Empire clues”

  1. Phil said

    Sounds interesting. When are they supposed to be published?

  2. Sparker said

    Yes, it would take a lot to wean me off WRG 1685-1845, which I have adapted for 1:20 scale. However, clearly a lot of thought has gone into R2E, and the underlying theme appears to be a striving for that difficult alchemy of simplicity and authenticity. It also appears, from discussion on TMP, that Dr Summerfield has complicated things by unearthing research about all sorts of hitherto unappreciated Saxon artillery pieces. I wonder if these will be the first rules to have to contront his findings and incorporate them…

  3. Martin said

    Sparker, can you provide a link to the TMP thread you mention? I’ve recently reviewed a large batch of Saxon artillery research material for Dr. Summerfield for a new book that’s in the offing, so I’d be interested to read this thread.

  4. Sparker said

    Dear Martin

    In case the link doesn’t work, its in the Napoleonic boards, Napoleonic books, New Prussian Uniformology any good?

    This is the bit by Dr Summerfield that got me excited:

    Currently working on the Saxon Artillery (1768-1815) which is certainly interesting. The plans drawn by Norman Swales are superb with mine getting better. The plans will be at 1:24 scale (77mm) and 1:60 scale (28mm).

    The M1768 Granatstuck of 120mm will certainly be a favourite firing Shrapnel and the M1810 12-pdr that is lighter than the Gribeauval 8-pdr. Certainly food for thought for the rules writers.

  5. Dr Stephen Summerfield said

    Dear Sparker
    The plans drawn by Norman Swales were supplied to Peter of Calpe and the guns were made to these. I saw some early versions and was very pleased with them. As you realise since spending a number of weeks sorting out the details revisions to the drawings and models have been made.

    After a great deal of work, I was able to sort out the the carriage that the Granatstuck was mounted upon. Alas Napoleonic Artillery was written before obtaining the plans. The 4-pdr classification is by Stone weight as it is a Howitzer [could be classed as a shell-gun similar to the Russian Unicorn]. This was the same carriage as the 4-pdr Schnellfeuergeschutze (quick fire gun] that is shown on DDS (2007) page 88. It could fire spherical case shot [a form of Shrapnel]. Used by the Horse Artillery and the 4-pdr QF as Regimental guns was used in 1812. Some use into eary 1813 but still looking into that.

    The Granatstuck is light so could be classed as light for movement. It would fire 12-pdr cannister. Although it would be better to class it in the same manner as a Russian 10-pdr Unicorn that has the same calibre. Like many of the howitzers of the period it fired at up to 10 degrees so trajectoriries similar to cannon.

    Regimental guns were used until 1810 and then reinstated for 1812 campaign manned by the infantry as was the common C18th practice.

    The M1810 12-pdr was lighter than the Gribeauval 8-pdr and was still 18 calibres long. So it could be classed for movement as medium and fires as 12-pdr.

    If you have any other questions then please ask. It is good to get away from the German translations.


  6. Dear Sparker,

    What sort of adjustments have you made to WRG for 1:20?
    I am in a small group in Australia that likes WRG but but would prefer larger units. We are also looking into other rules to try as it seems WRG is being phased out across the world.


  7. Sparker said

    Dear Stephen,

    Thanks for that info, that’s sufficient to draft up some special rules for employing these more esoteric weapons. Looking forward to the publication of your Prussian books…

    Hi Robert,

    Yes I’m familiar with the Australian WRG group, since I am emigrating in July, I’ve been monitoring on and off, but there don’t seem to be any members active around Wollongong, which is my ultimate destination after cruising round for a bit. (Reward to self after 22 years in the Andrew!)

    What sort of adjustments? Well, I have based my Inf as 2 ranks of 3 on a 45mm by 40mm base to fit in with less discerning gamers who use GdeB or ITGM! Each base of 6 still fires as an element. So, in a nutshell I think that by halving (ish!) the figure scale you simply need to halve the casualty points for the reaction tests, and rounding up for odd numbers. So, taking the reaction to shooting casualties, taking 2 cas would count as 1 for the test, 3 as 2, and so on… Guns still represent 2 models, but now throw 2 dice ea. Since I game a lot with youngsters, who get impatient, but have access to lots of space I have also doubled all range and movement. Seems to work…

    Kind Regards,


  8. Dr Stephen Summerfield said

    Dear Sparker
    The publisher has said that it will available from the 20 February. I will be very interested in seeing it finally. Patience the lead time of two months from submitting final corrections to publication is excellent. It can normally be 4-6 months.


  9. Sparker said

    Thanks Stephen,

    Order now in with Caliver, being patient!

  10. Dr Stephen Summerfield said

    Dear Sparker
    Caliver Books have now got the two volumes on Prussian Infantry. I am itching to see them. Hopefully I will pick mine up next week.

    Hurray at last. Comments and corrections are always welcome.


  11. Phil said

    So, apparently, they put on a demo game of this at Claymore. Was anyone on this board there, and what did you think? Pictures look good anyway, but you knew that would be the case.

  12. REPUBLIC TO EMPIRE is off to press! Pre-orders should be available next week…

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