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New Calpe Prussian command set

Posted by Martin on January 27, 2009

It looks set to be a busy week or so for me with updates to the Calpe website. To get the ball rolling, I’ll soon be adding details of the latest Prussian command set (PC9). I posted a quick-and-dirty shot of this set back in November but here’s the official photo that’s going to appear on the site:

Calpe Prussian command set PC9

Calpe Prussian command set PC9

Back in November I speculated about the identities of these characters. I got Yorke right and I was correct with my guess that one of the remaining ones would be Bulow. Now I know that the other two are Kleist and Tauentzien. So, from left to right in the photo they are Tauentzien, Bulow, Yorke and Kleist.

What do you think of this first of the new official style of photos for the Calpe website? Peter F’s experimented with that new Army Builder dip to bring out the details of these figures and I think it’s done the job very nicely. The only trouble is that it took about two days to dry out completely!


11 Responses to “New Calpe Prussian command set”

  1. Frank Catinella said

    I think that the figures look great. The wash accentuates the fantastic detail. Yet another ‘must have’ and likely to be added to the next order. I awiat your updates to the Calpe site.

  2. Rob Kenny said

    I agree, this picture is a huge improvement that really helps to show the detail of the miniatures. Looking forward to seeing the Saxons with this level of detail!


  3. Marco Severino said

    Very, very good, I mean both the figures (as usual with Peter F.’s outstanding work)and the shading. Very user-friendly, you get a lifelike image of what you are about to buy. I use the ‘magic varnish’ myself, it takes ages to dry properly but it is definitely useful.


  4. Phil said

    This is *the* way to prep bare figs for display. It brings out all the detail.

  5. Glen said

    These are very nice indeed, but then again would you expect anything less from Peter F? The use of the dip definitely shows the figures off very well. Saxons next using the same system would be superb, especially as the three I already have are feeling very lonely amongst all the French, Prussian and Austrian figures I have on the painting table at the moment.


  6. Paul Hollands said

    There is a certain appeal to metal figures that are just inked or just dipped in this case.Very toy soldier


  7. Marco Severino said

    I totally agree with Paul, I have tried this myself on an old 54mm and now this is proudly displayed on my desk, looking like an ancient pewter statuette.


  8. Lovely looking figures (as usual) and effectively presented in the photo. My problem is how I’m going to use all these command figures in my army? And I strongly suspect there are more to come. At this rate I’ll have more commanders than rank & file!

    von Peter himself
    (sent from Paddington, London!)

  9. Robert said

    von Peter himself
    (sent from Paddington, London!)

    Good luck on your new adventure, Peter!

  10. Thanks Robert. We have now made it to Bristol. I suspect that our host, Martin, has suddenly gotten that sinking feeling! 8O)

    von Peter himself

  11. Peter said

    Amazing figures -once i am finished my Russians/french 1813-1814 i will go Prussian :-)))
    just wondering any prussian kurassiers in planning????

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